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  1. melany_corchado

    Opening Affinity Files in Ai - Too Many Anchor Points

    Hi Gabe, Here is the file - Thanks! grouptwo.afdesign
  2. Hello, Whenever I export affinity files as PDF, SVG, or EPS and attempt to open them in AI, they open with a million anchor points. It seems that my stroke lines get outlined or something. Does anyone know how to open files and maintain the integrity of my anchor points or at least not have so many points so that I can manipulate the strokes in ai? I have a friend who has successfully exported pdfs to ai from affinity and she sat with me and we compared all of our settings and they were identical but for some reason, my files wouldn't export properly. Less important but also - any imported brushes that I used in my affinity file, export extremely blurry even though they are clear in the affinity file. If anyone has solutions to either of these issues - advice would be greatly appreciated!