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  1. Hey guys, I'm very frustrated about the 96dpi thing. I don't want my images to be resized from 96dpi to 300dpi.. I want them to be opened in full resolution. What's wrong with AP? There is an massiv quality loss after resizing. HELP
  2. This is a pain in the ass :D But thanks for the alternative.
  3. How do I save a Pixel Selection as Alpha Channel? I created a spare Channel, but when I export the photoshop file the Channel is gone.
  4. hi, how do i create multiple pages...or at least export layers separately in one pdf?
  5. mh ok...i was wondering, because it's possible in adobes camera raw
  6. hi, is it possible to develop a series of similar pictures? i mean, to use same settings automatically... (sorry i'm not a native speaker..hope you can guess what i mean)
  7. mh..doesn't work :/ neither cmd+click (tried to click on path and on thumbnail) nor selection>selection from layer