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  1. hinespraise

    Access to document file lost

    It turns out there was an error that was fixed using First Aid! Thanks so much!
  2. I am using Affinity Photo downloaded from the App store version 1.7.1. This problem is consistent and I am able to reproduce it (video included). Basically whether I open an old document that I have worked with before or start a new document I receive the error - failed to save document - access to the file was lost. Using Mac OS Mojave 10.14.5 I used this program yesterday to create images and had no issues - today all of my documents are giving me the same error. Affinity_Error.mov
  3. I am receiving the error message attached about every 5 minutes. I am not using any external storage and I have copied the file to the desktop to try and work from there. Any fix? Thank you!