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  1. In the other thread the creator of the thread confirmed that it is working fine for him with the 1.7 beta. So it might be a bug with version on windows.
  2. @Ericvv Did you buy Affinity Photo and have the possibility to try the 1.7 beta? This thread looks a bit similar. Even if there it is stated that the file didn't have any color profile it might be worth a shot to see if it is fixed in the 1.7 beta.
  3. Thank you for checking this. Unfortunately i don't have Photoshop. But i downloaded FastStone image viewer, which shows the image the same as Capture One and xnview. Seems you are on a Mac. Do you or one of your colleagues have the possibility to test this on Windows? The guy in the linked thread above with the same problem is using windows, too. Maybe it is related to the OS. Other difference i see is that you are using a newer version 1.6.7 vs. 1.6.5 which is the newest version i could download for windows. Is it possible that something was fixed there? I would like to test if thi
  4. Hello Lee, thank you. When selecting TIFF the behavior is exactly the same as with the psd. The color is different to the two other programs. The unprocessed RAW looks different again. But that is what i expected. Here another user is reporting something that looks very similar. I'll send you raw and psd via pm.
  5. Actually this looks very similar to my problem that i describe here:
  6. Hello, i'm just trying out Affinity Photo and like it very much so far. But i encountered a strange problem for which i don't have an explanation. Here is what i did: 1. In Capture One 11 i chose "Edit with" for one of my Sony Raw files (ARW). In the popup i chose Format: PSD 16bit, ICC Profile: AdobeRGB(1998) Open with: Affinity Photo 2. On click Capture One creates an psd file and the picture opens in Affinity Photo But the colors look different as in CaptureOne. Actually the colors look a lot like when i export the same picture as sRGB jpeg and open it e.g. in xnv
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