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  1. When attempting to open greyscale NEF photos from a Nikon Coolscan V, affinity splits the photo into 3 images, each taking up approx 1/9 of the full frame of the picture, with the rest blank space. Is there a fix or workaround to this issue? Attached below are the original file (01), what the file should look like, as opened in Photoshop (Proper), and what the file looks like in Affinity (Error). 01.nef
  2. For a colour scan, ~130mb is the output, scanned at 5959 by 3946 pixels. Scanner on base settings, digital ICE on. When I try and open in Affinity, it shows a 320x218 pixel file (presumably a thumbnail).
  3. No I have not tried this, it is more for the 200+ rolls of film I have already scanned that I want to use this for. May try this in the future if I shoot more film.
  4. Bump, is there no official reply to this or do I just go back to paying for photoshop instead of using this program that can't open what it says it should be able to?
  5. Yes this is all scanned with NikonScan 4; The 5v works fine with windows 10 out of the box, but my Coolscan 4000 requires a bit of work before it works. Nef files from both scanners open in low quality, and not in the raw development persona.
  6. I have a Nikon Coolscan V that I have scanned some film with, to a .nef file. When I try and open the file in Affinity photo, it loads as a 320x218 picture, not he original resolution. \ File is OK as it loads fine in photoshop. What do I do?
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