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  1. After Windows 10 black screen test, Affinty Designer & Corel application stopped working, other applications, Adobe / Affinity Photo work. I have repaired with the download of the Affinty Designer but the application does not start ... what can I do?
  2. ¡¡Congratulations!! bllod line of "my" last update. it looks almost like i would like
  3. done! Thank you! About brushes, Does it work only with tablet? with progres included? ­čą┤
  4. I create a page, with size, margins, and bleed. How can I do that, by default, every time I open a new document I create it with those margins and bleed? if you save spaces of color and other things but not bleed and margins. Another cuestion: Using solid brushes with pressure in progress mode does not apply the effect. Any pdf tutorial to download?
  5. all brushes and effects are bitmaps? I mean I can't create something vector with those tools and export it or save it as vectors.
  6. Thanks, I'm a newcomer. I bought the software recently, do not know whether to try the beta version or not? and I'm trying to make a progressive change from coreldraw to designer, which is more complex than illustrator to designer ... ;. A new question, will there be multiple pages in later versions or updates? Thank you..
  7. I'm starting (maybe I bought it hastily) with designer. It has tools that I love, as well as things that I do not like at all. Also, a lot of what is supposed to be vector is not, that disgusts me. So starting, when creating a new document and marking the blood that is desired, that bloodletting is not shown, that is, I do not see where the bloodlet arrives and what I am placing in the blood part. Draw if it shows that area of blood. In addition, the guides do not allow me to include a second decimal, if I indicate a guide in 73.25, I round it to 73.3. Do I do something wrong or is it a lack of software?. I am interested in knowing if there is an option to see the blood or to be able to make a more milimetric adjustment of the guides. Another thing ... is it really not multi-page?
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