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Disabling handles being forced to opposite sides of a node without disabling snapping to a guideline?

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This is a bit of an oddity in Designer I noticed: extending one handle out of a node using the pen tool + alt and then releasing alt so it can snap to a guideline for precise alignment of your now actually curved curve works fine. If you try to extend the other handle out and snap it to the same guideline point (to make it so your node has symmetrical concave lines on either side), you need to do it in two steps, because you need to keep alt held for one step or it will try and force the handle you already snapped in place to be on the opposite side of the node. As such, after you click to release the handle so Designer will stop trying to force the other handle to the other side of the node, you then have to drag it again after selecting the node again.

Am I missing something blindingly obvious again about how to do this in one step, or is this just a minor control scheme oversight/oddity?

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