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Found 4 results

  1. I have an issue where bleed is missing when I choose the single-page/"all pages" option. It's exported correctly when set for "all spreads" with the same file. Document bleed is set up correctly and "include bleed" is checked in the main dialog, but the "include bleed" option under "More" is always greyed out. When I switch back to "all spreads" output, the option returns. This happens with a new, blank document as well, so it doesn't appear related to layout elements, templates, etc. Same issue using all Print, Press Ready, and the PDF/X presets. The only workaround I found so far was to uncheck "facing pages" copy over any elements that run across a spread and export single pages that way. That's currently the only way to make the "include bleed" option work for single-page PDF exports, which seems crazy. Am I missing something? I haven't gotten any suggestions in the regular support forum, so I posted again here. But this can't be normal. Could it be a bug related to my system? System notes: Dell XPS 15 9560 Windows 10 - v2004, build 19041.804 Publisher, 1.91.979. But I had the same problem with 1.90 and 1.85. I also tried both uninstalling and resetting user data, but the problem remains.
  2. I'm new to Affinity, and maybe I'm missing something, but I design and print labels for various products. I start with one file in Publisher that has the labels for a product type, then I'll export certain pages to a PDF, and import them into a new Publisher file that has the layout for the label sheets I'm using. Some designs have a bleed, and I always make sure to include bleed on export, but when I import (place) them into the new file, the bleed isn't included. I'll double check the pdf file dimensions to make sure the bleed is there, but the file gets trimmed to size when I import them. Is there a setting I am missing somewhere?
  3. I'm creating the interior pages for a children's picture book to be published by Ingram Spark/Lightning Source. Every page contains art that needs to bleed. Ingram specifies a bleed dimension of 0.125" on three sides of each page, i.e., the top, bottom and non-binding sides, with NO bleed on the binding edge, the gutter side. (The binding edge has the same dimension, 0.125", but it's a white strip within the trimmed page layout dimensions, not a bleed.) I assumed I simply needed to create two master pages in Affinity Publisher, one for odd (right hand) pages with bleed specified top, bottom and right, and one for the even (left hand) pages with bleed specified for top, bottom and left. AffPub will let me apply different masters for odd and even pages. But AffPub will NOT let me specify different bleeds for the two different master pages! Every time I change one master page, it changes the other. It will even let me specify two different page sizes, just as a test, but not two different bleeds. Am I missing something? Doing something wrong? Is this a bug? Or a glitch in the software design? Book designers working with art or picture books face this different-bleed-requirement-on-different-pages situation ALL the time! It seems like a major obstacle for the master pages not to accept different bleed settings, so I'm hoping I've simply missed something. I'm new to Affinity, having moved here because of its support for working in CMYK, to which I am also new. If this really is a designed-in software limitation, what then? My only workaround would seem to be to design just one master page incorporating the bleed dimensions into the layout, use one of the 0.125" strips as the binding edge, set this white strip either left or right to match odd and even pages, and then NOT specify any additional bleed at all in the bleed settings, because the bleed would be built in to the layout. But I'm told this approach might create problems when I export as a PDF. Any help or advice is much appreciated! Thanks.
  4. Hi Guys, I am trying to find the correct way on how to set up the bleed and crop marks in Affinity desiner iPad. However I have played with couple of setting and I can not get the crop mark to be set correctly. Please see the following print screens for problems. Thanks
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