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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there! I would like to know if there maybe is a way to quickly toggle the transparency grid in affinity designer? I know that you can activate it by going into "document setup" > "colour" > "transparent background" In Illustrator I was used to being able to quickly toggle it on or off by using the shortcut "cmd / strg + shift + d". Is this also possible in Affinity Designer somehow? You can also find this question over on stackexchange: https://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/120564/toggle-transparency-grid-in-affinity-designer Thanks in advance! PS: I am new to the forum (and forums in general), so please let me know if I somehow have posted this wrongly in any way.
  2. Help! Whenever I import a manuscript PDF created from Pages into Affinity Designer, the page numbers all have a ">" symbol next to them and sometimes illustrations do too. I can usually delete these symbols, but for a 200 page document, this is a pain.
  3. I recently brought Ultimate Map Pack: Global from metgraphics.net and upon zooming in it gets distorted. The creator of these maps says it is the lack of smart-scaling in the Affinity products. Because of this I cannot zoom into the area I require. Is there a way round this/am I missing something? Please help!!
  4. Hi all . I have just moved across from adobe (photoshop and illustrator ) and loving this great software. I have both affinity apps on 3 computers (all windows 10) 1 of them is at a different location . What I am wanting to do is share my app settings , brushes , keyboard shortcuts (everything really) with all computers without having to manually export from each panel and then import on the other machines respectively. Is there anyway to do this with a cloud utility ( like Wacom has) or onedrive . or even a way to customize directories that affinity uses for all of the settings . I would love to hear how others approach this .
  5. I just had a scenario with nothing selected in my artwork, but two paragraph styles highlighted in the Text Styles palette. Confused what this was supposed to mean, I started clicking around the styles and found that the second of the paragraph styles toggled off when selecting a *character style*. It seemed as though Affinity Designer was confused about whether it was a character or paragraph style.
  6. Photoshop PSD file is not working properly like text converted into the image in layer with shown some errors on popup and psd file not open in existing size.
  7. Hello all, Avid fan of AD but I've hit a snag today: I have a doc with 100+ artboards at 500x500px, the developer needs them output at an arbitrary size of 1250x1250px https://www.screencast.com/t/mWlAoV6gV Question: In Export Persona I can't create a new preset outputting 1250x1250px? Also I assumed I could go Export>Specify 1250x1250 and export 'All Artboards' but it's not possible. Any ideas please let me know...looks like I have to use PS batch resize, yuck! Cheers