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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Affinity Community, We hope you kindly accept this suggestion and request, As you know, Affinity has a lot of impact on the people in the Middle East area. Accordingly, It would be quite nice to support the RTL writing direction for languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Persian. Kind Regards, https://twitter.com/Artist_kw3,D/status/1356719251256709120?cd]s=20 tweet conversation
  2. Greetings, I am wondering if Affinity Designer, Photo & Publisher will be accessible in the Czech translation this year. I am opened to help, if needed. The SW from other companies is so overpriced (if you compare with average salary in CZ) and low price of Affinity's producs may be usefull for schools, companies or freelancers. With Czech translation it could attract more and more people! Especially students or elders who learnt only Russian. Thank you for your answer! feel free to contact me on email any time!
  3. Hello There! I work with a graphic designer from Dubai on designing numerous graphic designs that are related to marketing. The program i was recommending to him was Affinity because of its simplicity, support and the one time purchase fee. My designer wanted to incorporate Arabic letters in the design and he downloaded a font off of the web in the form of OTF. For those of you that aren't familiar with the Arabic alphabet that the writing starts from right to left instead of the opposite. After trial and error and spending hours trying to figure out if the software supports the alphabet
  4. Hi; Spanish translation issue: The second option in the filters menu is called 'afilar'; inside it, there's an option called 'máscara de desenfoque' that should be called the opposite: 'máscara de enfoque'. In fact, I was crazy looking for the 'enfoque' filter until I found it buried into an 'afilar' section (don't know why to call this menu that way) and mispelled as 'desenfoque'. Regards; Val
  5. Hi! I am a designer who turns to learn and use Affinity Collection! Instead I am using Adobe. And I like Affinity more but somehow I can not type in Vietnamese Affinity Design but this is easy on Ai. Thanks Advance to test mode and advice help me! P / S: I really expect Affinity to have an application that supports the layout of the magazine, book, ebook like Indesign !!!!
  6. The language dropdown of my Character panel only shows English, Portuguese and Spanish. Is there a way to add more languages to it? For me, this is not about spelling, but language features that are built into OpenType fonts. (I’m a type designer and I use Affinity Designer to make the promotional images for my fonts, btw.) For example, this is some of the OpenType code that is present in the locl feature of my fonts. These substitutions only happen when the language of the text is set to Dutch, Catalan and Romanian, respectively. If the glyph doesn’t have a Unicode assigned (whic
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