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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there I requested a trial 2 days ago and received the link, but didn't actually download it until today. However, upon opening it I got a message saying my trial had expired. 10 days has definitely NOT passed, as I didn't even come onto the website until 2 days ago. I have a Mac that is running OS 10.12.3 It seems a few other people have had this problem but I wanted to make it absolutely clear that 10 days have not passed, and I don't have an old OS. Is this fixable?
  2. Hi, Tried to download the free t10 trial today. Seemed to have had a few problems after the download and when the program fires up, a screen pops up and says, 'Trial Expired'. I've tried to download it again, several time, cleared the cache, emptied trash, restarted the computer, cleared the download and browsing history and still, same message. Any ideas how I can get passed this or is there a glitch? I've attached a screen shot. Thanks, Jon.
  3. I installed the Affintity Beta today after much grief with installing Net Framework 4.6. It has taken a while to sort out the Net Framework required by Affinity as installation kept failing through an undefined error. (I have been trying to install this version of Net Framework for some considerable time, as Windows Update found it a problem to install. Resolution was a "Fix" of Windows Update using Microsoft's FixIt Tool [Even though there was nothing wrong with Update] plus an addition of a couple of SIDL's to the Installer Whitelist). If I re-download the trial, will that overcome the expiration or is it too late now? Best regards Terry Rushent
  4. Hey affinity community! Have been shopping for a few months for a software just like affinity, and am quite impressed with how user friendly this software is. I started a free trial and make a flyer. It's only been a few days into my trial, and whenever I go to open that file now I get a window pop up telling me my trial is expired, I was under the impression the trial should last 10 days. How do I go about retrieving that file? Getting it back would save me hours of work. The file is both on my desktop but also saved in a separate folder. I'd consider buying affinity right now if it meant I could get my file back, but my main concern right now is the file I made with the trial version. Internet, help! :( Any advice would be much appreciated -Fwen
  5. Hi Everyone, I am new to this program and used the free download to design a logo for a school shirt. I sent to printer but they said they are not able to open file at all. Of course they did not get back to me before the trial was up. I do not want to purchase program yet if I can not get user friendly files for printer. Is there any way to get new trial or can someone look at my file and see what I need to do for printer to use. They want vector art in illustrator or atleast a a photoshop file??? Thank you!
  6. Hello, This is my first post, so hello to all! Am using APhoto and love it so decided to look at Designer. Downloaded the trial today and when launched was greeted with "This trial has expired." I never even got to try it. At some point it looks like I downloaded a beta of Designer but couldn't use it because it's for Designer owners only. Not sure when I downloaded and tried to run it, but it has been a few months for sure. Any way, I deleted the beta out of Applications, but certainly that's not going to delete the super-secret time limit file off my machine. Any way I can fix this? I want to try a couple of files before I commit. Pretty sure I'm just going to buy it anyway but I want to try, ya know? Thanks and keep up the good work! Greg
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