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Found 5 results

  1. I have some questions as I adjust to a new software and GUI. I am a product photographer so align layers is useful to me-does this need to be done manually here? How do I rename layers? I can't figure it out. Clone stamp tells me to tap, but that isn't making a selection. I press and hold using my iPad pencil, and..nothing? How do I save my photo? I like to save. A lot. I tried googling before asking here, but couldn't find anything.
  2. OK, I am unsure if I have a weird setting or what. I have never used the clone stamp tool in Affinity Photo before, which I find a bit unusual because it was a go-to in Photoshop. But after I select the area for sampling (and to clone under my mouse) with Alt+Click, when I press the mouse button and move it accross the screen, the sampler moves in the opposite direction. This is just weird to me. It moves right when I am moving the mouse left with the LMB pressed. I seems to maybe move up when I move the mouse down, too? I cannot get used to this. Is this a feature where I have a screwed-up setting? If so, I don't want it. Tell me how to reset it. Or is this a bug? I would never be able to get anything accomplished using the clone tool this way. But, I tried to make sense of the tool options and I don't see anything that should be of consequence. Perhaps I am wrong? Just, yick.
  3. I want to propose the possibility to assign a shortcut to the rotation feature of the Clone Stamp and the Healing Brush. So it's possible to map them on the rotation slider of a Wacom Pro Tablet. I propose also a change on the way that the rotation it's intended, because it's more useful that the rotation could have both negative and positive value. Rik
  4. Hi, loving Affinity so far but I'm finding one aspect tricky. I want to create pictures like the ones on my gallery here http://isthisthingonpodcast.com/gallery/ and the ones attached. I understand that I need to chose the source but I need to have two images open at the same time, this is where I am having difficulty. When I open one image, the other one closes, if I click and drag one image file into an open image I can't clone from it or adjust the size of it. I have come from using Photoshop where I could simply open two files, adjust the sizes accordingly then "paint" the face from one to the other. I have tried a few variations of locking and unlocking, layers etc but no joy. Any ideas?
  5. Hello all! I am a new, excited user of Affinity photo. From the moment I realized what it was and the potential it had, I was excited to try it out in hopes of being able to ditch photoshop. The other night I started to do a retouch, the way I would normally do so in Photoshop, and I quickly ran into an issue with Affinity Photo: There is no way for me to control the opacity setting of the clone stamp tool or brush tool, with a wacom tablet. It allows me to control the sensitivity for the flow setting, but I *need* to be able to do the same with opacity, or else my retouch becomes sloppy and my workflow is slowed down. So far that is the only thing keeping me from making the switch completely. Everything else I have tried with Affinity is incredible, but that one little thing won't allow for me to ever be able to use Affinity the way I would need to in order to say goodbye to Adobe forever. Any chance of this being added down the pipeline? Thanks!
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