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Found 11 results

  1. Maybe I missed something - but whenever I export an ArtBoard as JPEG with bleed, the exported bleed comes out as white area. E.g. I set up 3mm bleed in document settings --> these 3mm will appear white, as I export the file as JPEG (incl. bleed). In contrast: exporting the file as PDF (incl. bleed) exports a clean file - without a false white bleed.
  2. Hi, I found a few issues on Affinity Designer: - the reverse curve doesn't work for multiple selected curves. If you want to reverse the direction of multiple selected curves it will change direction only to the last selected curve; - bleed doesn't work properly for JPG. If you use JPG export + include bleed, it will export the document + bleed, but the bleed area is white. Also, it would be nice to have the "include bleed" option for TIFF export. - It would be really really helpful to be able to use the NumPad comma for numbers with decimals (for dimensions, position etc). I am not sure, but I think this worked before on the earlier versions of Affinity Designer. Affinity Designer version - Windows 10
  3. I want to create a photobook with Affinity Publisher and export the pages as jpegs with bleed including. The software for the photobook needs jpegs. The serviceprovider needs the bleed for cropping the pages after printing. For exporting PDFs there is a checkbox to include or exclude bleed. Is it possible to add the same checkbox for exporting jpegs?
  4. Hi everybody, I'm facing a problem both with Affinity and last Beta with Windows 10 64bits . When I want to export an artboard with a bleed, it's filled with white and not with its content. I did some research on the forum without finding similar cases. A video is better than a long speech. Have you ever encountered this problem? Do you have a solution ? Thank you all ! Affinity Artboard Bleed Bug.mp4
  5. Maybe I missed a few things over the years. A TIFF could have a bleed? Where to set this up? Or does this option moved unintentionally to the "More" section for export?
  6. I tried to export 3 artboards from Designer as spreads with 5 mm bleed into JPG, TIF and PDF: JPG and TIF export as spread but don't show the objects in bleed area; PDF doesn't export as spread and doesn't show the objects in bleed area. Untitled.pdf untitled.afdesign Untitled.tiff
  7. Create file with 10 mm of bleed Insert an object File -> Print Bleed and Marks -> Include bleed The bleed is not printed
  8. I just upgraded to 1.8 In Designer, bleed is no longer present when exporting, either from the export persona or directly from the the file menu. (That has happened before with a previous update, but at least it worked from the file > Export menu) Any work around, other than using Publisher? Thanks!
  9. Hi I love using Affinity its great I recently updated to 1.8 on Affinity Designer and I have been faced with a couple of bugs 1. For some weird reason undo or CMND + Z is not working 2. Also before in Affinity the font Size would always be in point and the dimensions for everything else would either be in mm, pixels or whatever it needed to be depending on the artwork. Now what ever the dimension is the font is also in that dimension rather then being in pt 3. Also when I am trying to export select art boards with a bleed and printer marks the bleed will never come up but if I do the whole document the bleed will show.
  10. Hi there, I would like export JPG and PNG with "Bleeds", I check "include bleed" in the export but I do not have bleed I expected, instead of I have a solid color, I cannot change this color but I cannot remove it. See attached: actually with black borders, expected with background. Thanks th
  11. Exported PDF with Include bleed option and bleed was exported properly. Then exported TIFF also with this option selected and bleed is added but white. Source document was created in 1.7 from mac app store version - not in previous versions. owijki-paletowe-flat.pdf owijki-paletowe.tiff
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