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    kl-ing. got a reaction from Jampes in Affinity Publisher Public Beta -   
    Hi there,
    yesterday I tried to update my well running .162-version to the recent .172-version. Unfortunately, since that, the software does not run anymore.
    When trying to start the software via desktop icon or .afpub-file, the new (rectangle) loading banner appears. That continues to "Loading fonts ...". Then the loading banner disappears and nothing more happens.
    My machine is a Windows 10 Pro with 64-bit.
    After I recognized and checked that nothing worked, I deinstalled the software and tried to install the older .162-version. Installed successfully. I clicked on the icon, the old round loading banner appeared, BUT now, after "Loading fonts ..." it also did not run anymore.
    I deleted all the temporary system files on the system, but without any success. I suppose, that the software is doing some changes in the deeper registry, so that there will stay some file traces at the system.
    Finally, I can not work with my machine with Affinity Publisher in any version. Despite all warnings, there is some important productive stuff, I cannot work with today. But this is MY problem.
    After all: I would be REALLY glad, if you could fix this bug. Best wishes.

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