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  1. 6 hours ago, TonyO said:

    Say you want to cut a circle hole in a square shape.

    1. Draw the square first, so it's on the bottom.

    2.  Draw a circle second, so it's on top. (the top shape will always cut out of the bottom shape) 

    3. Select both shapes, right click, select GEOMETRY > SUBTRACT. 



    2 hours ago, Ulysses said:

    The above works for the desktop versions.

    On the iPad:

    1. Tap the Commands button at the top of the screen (looks like an ellipses "...")
    2. Select Geometry > Subtract


    Fantastic, thank you both. I knew it would be easy! Thanks

  2. Haha, spoke too soon! It seems to be when I’m using my own imported images. I’ve got some line drawings. I’ve used the magic eraser app to get rid of the white backgrounds. In AD I click on place image, drag the image into place. Then I’ve been rasterising it. Change to pixel layer. Then when I flood fill the areas with colour it crashes. Is it something to do with my images, am I importing them correctly etc?

    Thanks for any help, Emma

  3. Hi,
    I'm using AD 1.7.1 on a 2018 iPad iOS 12.1.1. It keeps crashing and freezing on me. Yesterday when using the apple pencil it kept crashing and closing on about every 3/4th tap/click I made. At the time I was using the flood fill tool on a raster layer. It was also freezing when I was trying to zoom in or out of the canvas. I left my iPad off all night. This morning I managed to get the fill part done but then it kept closing when I was adjusting the size and moving an object. I posted in the support forum before I'd found this section and someone said to save my work then uninstall it. I tried exporting but it was taking ages and didn't seem to work. I read some of the comments on here and so tried a new document and started from scratch. All seemed ok until I came out of the document, clicked to go back into it then it just shuts down on me again, so I can't even get into a document now!
    Please can you give me some ides what to do to resolve this. Please let me know if you require any further info.
    Many thanks

  4. I’ve had my iPad off all night, thinking that might help?! Still doing it though! All I’m doing now is changing the size of an object and moving it and all of a sudden it all closes on me. Yesterday it was when I was using food fill. It was also freezing on me when I was zooming in and out of the canvas.

    I haven’t had AD for long so am still learning, I thought I might be doing something wrong, but looking on here it seems lots of you have problems with it crashing. If anyone has any bright ideas I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.

  5. On 7/4/2019 at 1:32 AM, DM1 said:

    It takes a little getting used to. Sounds like you have background /outline selected in colour studio (little circle thin outline). It controls outline colour. Tap the other (full) circle, to fill inside colour. You can also do it in vector mode with the fill/gradient tool for more effects. See video below.

    There is a useful Help file in PDF to browse through. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/64366-affinity-designer-16-on-ipad-pdf-help-file/


    Thank you for your reply. I’ve tried with the full circle, but as soon as I choose a colour it automatically changes the lines to that colour. I’ll have a good read of that document though, thanks.

    Any other ideas anyone?

  6. Hi,

    I’m a complete newbie, only got AD for iPad 2 days ago so I’m still finding my way around! One question though ... I’ve got a black ink hand drawn image, I have removed the background with another app, so the background is now transparent. I’m trying to fill in areas with colour, so for example flood fill each petal on a flower. I have selected the right layer and changed to pixels rather than vector. When I try the flood fill icon, all that happens is it changes the colour of the black ink outline rather than filling an area. Does anyone know how to do it please? Or does AD not recognise the black outlines as the ‘edge’ of an image? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

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