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  1. Every time I try and open the LUT it crashes, I just bought some to use in it and now its un use able.. what can I do to fix it ?
  2. When I use the mesh tool.. Affinity freezes up and stops working. any ideas ?
  3. I have Affinity and when I try to send it to a plugin it becomes all washed out or the colors are wildly weird.. is there a certain color setting to fix this, I have uninstalled and no change..it does it in Topaz.. nik and all others.. except smartphoto editor.
  4. I am not able to use this program anymore.. it wont shut down, I have to shut down the PC to make it go away.. it throws up a message about an image loading when there is no image. I have removed it twice and re installed and no good.. any idea..
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