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  1. Hi there, I have a file from shutter stock and when I open it with affinity designer it doesn't properly load. The image isn't vectored so I can't work with it. Any idea why this might be happening? I've attached the file. shutterstock_1438485107.eps
  2. HI there, I have an EPS file from shutter stock and opened it with affinity designer. I wanted to be able to rearrange the phrases into a different shape but they're all locked together. Anyone know a way around this? File is attached.
  3. Thanks! That worked. Only problem is when I divided the image, I lost some of the white space in the text. It was present when I deleted the black background then disappeared when I divided. Any ideas on why? File attached.
  4. Hi there! I'm working with text in affinity designer and for some reason when I type and the text box is too small, the text overlap rather than automatically returns. This also happens when I resize the text box. When I've worked in designer before the text has always re-flowed rather than overlapping. Anyone know a quick fix for this? Thanks!
  5. Ah, got it! Thanks so much. Problem all fixed. I knew it was something simple I was missing.
  6. Here is the file. All the text boxes have the same issue - it's not overlapping in those because I pressed return. Yuki_Onna_Back.afdesign
  7. Hi! I tried setting to auto, didn't work. Here is a pic. In the past when I've worked with text boxes I type and the text automatically returns at the end of the text box. Now the text goes back to first line and overlaps.
  8. Hi all, When I open this eps file in designer it's distorted and unusable. Any fixes for this?
  9. I hear there was a workaround for this through adobe illustrator but I don't have access to that program. I'm hoping someone can convert the file for in adobe illustrator into a readable file in affinity designer. iStock-155492252.eps shutterstock_83952115.eps