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    jsbarnes got a reaction from shapelet in Split View and Mirror View not functioning on Lens Blur Filter   
    Version: Affinity 1.6.9 
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    When applying the Lens Blur effect everything seems to work fine except if you hit the Split View or Mirror view buttons in on the filter dialogue then nothing happens.  I tested all the other blur filters to make sure that it wasn't global.  Split View worked as you would expect on all the other filters. The only other filter that didn't have it was average and that makes sense since there are no parameters to control or preview.  I didn't check every filter just all the blur filters so I do not know if this issue exists elsewhere. I tried multiple images as well as restarting affinity photo.  I can understand if the split view isn't available in this filter but if not the buttons should be greyed out or not available somehow because the right now it appears to be a bug.