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  1. I haven't encountered it twice (yet) but in the interests of a heads up on a possible issue - I lost some work after Affinity accidentally closed (I'm not sure whether this was my fault or whether it crashed). When I re-entered the program there was no document recovery prompt, and the document in question was blank. Owing to the nature of the facility I wouldn't have anticipated it, but is clicking save at least once something that as a user I should have done to instigate the autosave function? If not then there may be an issue.. This is the latest update to Affinity Designer (1.8.
  2. Using Windows 10 and Designer I'm going to have to sadly add myself to this issue. I'll be tweaking my work and you can tell it's hit a wall because the items remain pink highlighted and everything goes unresponsive. Thus far it's happening within a few mins of working on a document so you can't get much done.. It's may not be connected but I've also noticed that the program doesn't seem to be as quick to open as it used to.. There seems to be some lag. This may not be directly relevant to this issue, but it may perhaps illuminate something?
  3. Having watched the quick Vimeo tutorial I have to wonder how an image can be truly representative of the size, since although the software can determine your actual working system resolution, how can it know your screen ppi? Have I missed or misconstrued the point or is this a real matter?
  4. yeah sorry - I've been all over Affinity Designer at the moment.. so AD just rolled off the keyboard instead of AP.. I suppose AD might have a need for info panel as well though if you can create all things vector in RGB as well as CMYK!? By that measure I'm surprised that it doesn't have an info panel in there somewhere.. Maybe next or latest release? Got you on the Studio generic catch. Seems to be a holding place for all manner of buffoonery doesn't it.
  5. Hi R-C-R! Thanks for your input on this - yeah, once I became aware of the info panel the different aspects of it fell into place! That's a very handy thing to have when spotting out the darkest parts of your image for adjustment :o) When I was first looking into AD I was unaware of the info panel's location within the menu system. I think perhaps I simply didn't expect it to be within a menu option called Studio - is that right or wrong of me? Probably neither.. I suppose it's just how Serif have elected to nest the menu.. lol.
  6. Hi peeps, On first glance you might think of this as a bit of a trolling, or a comedy title which you could apply to a Cartoon Network character project, but in reality I'm really looking for genuine opinion, experience and insight from those of you who have worked in such a manner. Whilst I can appreciate the flexibility inherent to having raster graphics be available within a vector project, it seems also to contradict the basic principle of electing to use vector - that of infinite scalability, particularly given that you can apply filter effects to vector elements and achieve much of
  7. That's great Fixx.. Kiitos! Couldn't find anything about it, and I've only just grabbed the trial version..
  8. Hi everyone! I've been looking into the possibilities with the Affinity suite, and whilst it's all very promising I do have one question regarding matters of an ICC profile nature. I suspect a fair few of you will either work alongside or will have transitioned from Photoshop, and one quite invaluable facility is the capacity to spot read the ink density of a CMYK image to meet with overall percentage limits for print saturation, which in my case tends to usually be 240%. Is there any such sampling tool in the Affinity suite which I'm missing, or a known adjustment layer process (maybe via sof
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