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  1. 1 minute ago, Chris B said:

    Hey Chints,


    To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what processes we will have in place for beta testing Publisher. I imagine when the time comes to testing this particular area, we will need users like yourself to help us with this :) 

    Anytime (sign me up wherever however for the Publisher) !

    Just FYI, I am into designing adverts, flyers, office literature, etc. We're a small biz and can't afford designers/artists, and since I know a bit, I do it for the biz myself and can't see myself paying the eye-watering prices Corel asks for. Then, someone recommended Affinity, which I am finding very useful but have to stop short when it comes to writing text in Gujarat/Hindi language.


  2. On 12/4/2017 at 4:56 PM, Chris B said:

    Hey Chints,

    I believe this is something that would get addressed once Publisher has been released as it really needs to be working for an application that focuses on text. I don't have any more info at the moment—I'm sorry. 


    Hi Chris, Nice to hear from you. Looking forward to this issue being resolved in Publisher.


    Do you guys, by any chance, have a beta/testers' program for Publisher?

    I am really really really keen to ditch Corel and jump on Affinity bandwagon. Desperately waiting for Publisher to come out, so I could yell "Take my money" (well, just because I know you guys ain't greedy on that front) and be done with Corel fleecing small ppl (like me) off.



  3. This hasn't still been solved, I guess. I'm facing similar issues in Affinity Designer (the latest version) as well.

    First file below shows a text (Triple) and it's literation in Gujarati - the correct way.

    Second file shows the same text (Triple) in Gujarati in Affinity Designer - displays wrongly.


    I was looking to ditch CorelDraw and completely move to Designer but now have to stop short as I have to type in Gujarati for most of my work. And it does not work with Copy, Pasting from Translate as well, so it's not that Designer would just type incorrectly.

    I hope this can be addressed sooner than later.





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