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  1. That article is very vague! it doesn't show where the 'tolerance' (or whatever they're calling threshold nowadays) selection bar is? it just says what it does!
  2. Why is it so hard to find the threshold option for the selection tool on designer? I have looked everywhere and i can't find it anywhere i want to lower the threshold when selecting with the draw selection brush like you could on drawplus but the little threshold bar that used to be there has gone? it only gives you the option to change the brush width and add or subtract?
  3. So first of all can i say that Affinity is driving me mad! every simple little task is hidden away somewhere! i picked photoplus up in a few days whereas i've been trying to do basic stuff on Affinity for months and nothing seems to do what i want it to! I'm simply trying to copy and paste the selection of an area of an image (which for some reason was automatically made a group?) but when i try to do it, it just makes a copy of the selection lines with nothing inside? I'm getting to that point where i'm going to have to start trying to find something easier to use! (or go back to photoplus fo
  4. Yeah ive had sonic radar installed since i built my pc and it hasn't given any problems with any software until now. i can't find any update history for sonic radar but i'm assuming it would have to be done manually in which case it is on the same version that i have always had?
  5. found a solution to this (for me anyway)
  6. So after trying a few things i think i have worked out a fix for this issue (not sure if it will work for everyone but its worth trying!) I heard about someone saying it was caused by a piece of Asus software called sonic radar and i tried exiting that and re opening affinity and voila it works!!! no disappearing buttons and no fuzzy white lines!!! (don't just disable it - exit it!). I tried this multiple times to make sure and whenever i turned on sonic suite (sonic radar), affinity started glitching again! 1. Right click sonic suite logo in icon tray 2. Click e
  7. so i downloaded affinity photo and designer yesterday and on both pieces of software the buttons keep disappearing either completely or being replaced by these wavey white lines almost like a barcode?
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