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  1. Hi everyone,


    I'm Marsorry, from Southern Africa - Namibia to be precise.  Total newbie when it comes to image editing, but I love tinkering around with great software.  I use a Mac and word has it, Affinity Designer and Photo are among the best out there, so I bought them both and here I am.  I'm a casual editor and like to do the odd random photo edit or create something new to help with illustration in my line of work (IT Management & yes, I like to create my own illustrations - 'weird').  I know I won't ever use most of the functionality in these apps - but the more I learn, the more creative I'll be able to get.  Also just bought two new Macs for the office - there's no doubt these apps are going on there, for sure.  Our small graphics and communications team currently uses Adobe products and they'll be changing very soon after they see what I can do on these (after I've learnt).  Loving the new Light mode user interface & looking forward to your collective help in the apps.




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