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  1. Yesterday I've bought Affinity Photo and have the same problem, no right-click menu on pen! Thats disappointing

    + dots problem, which was not present in Designer

    Just let us disable touch painting


    I should also add that I am not on Surface Book, I have an Acer convertible, but it uses same N-trig digitizer + pen

    And I think right click menu worked before Windows Fall Creators Update. They changed a lot Pen related stuff in it

  2. It is not true actually, that windows can not distinguish touch from pen. Lots of other software separates touch and input with ease (illustrator, photoshop, mischief ... etc) So I do not understand why developers can't make such important feature

    The problem is not just in palm rejection. Even if windows does it, you can touch the screen at any time while pen is not in contact and it brings up a new unwanted stroke/something.

  3. Designer

    Surface Pen right click doesn't work at all, so I have no way to call right click menu with the pen. It slows down everything.

    Touches are still equal to pen strokes, this is NOT right, please make the app distinguish them from pen strokes, cause each touch paints things and it destroys the experience. Moreover touch can add more functionality by performing operations of for example Move/select tool while you're actually using any other mode, more convenient, more functional, isn't it?

    Thank you

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