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  1. MEB


    Now I am really confused. I have been watching YouTube videos and discovered that adding a new fill layer should  automatically add color to the layer. I have been trying this for a couple days and it is still not doing it for the picture I am working on.


    So I started working on a new picture and it still will not put a color in when I click a new fill layer. 


    I then hen went back to a different picture I was working on a week ago, clicked new fill layer and it came up with a white layer. So I went back into other pictures and did the same thing and still no color came with the fill layer. 


    I have noticed that that another tool will work sometimes but then not others. The in painting removal tool. I will use once in a picture then go on to other editing.  Then realize I missed something and click back on it and it won't work. 


    Could i I have a glitch in my program? Maybe my download was bad. I am using the iPad version. Any thoughts on what I should try. 

  2. 17 hours ago, MEB said:

    Hi Borgs,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    Are you sure you created a Fill Layer (menu Layer ▸ New Fill Layer) and not a regular pixel layer? The first keeps the fill editable the second doesn't. Without seeing your file it's difficult to guess what may be wrong. Any chance you can post/attach a screenshot with the Layers panel visible?


     I am using the iPad version. I had selected my product and duplicated it on its own layer. Now I click on the + to add a new fill layer and I can't seem to change the color to white. Please see the video attached. Let me know if you need to see more. Thank you for your help. A couple of my videos have failed to upload I hope you can see one of them. 


  3. On 7/5/2017 at 11:53 AM, MEB said:

    Hi Affinity iPad Student,

    Alternatively you can use a Fill layer and pick whatever colour you want for it from the Colour Studio. The advantage is that you can quickly change its colour selecting it in the Layers Studio and picking another colour from the Colour Studio. To create a Fill layer tap the plus icon in the Layers Studio and select New Fill Layer.


    I created a new fill layer and I am not able to change the fill color for the new layer. I did this once and it worked. But now I can't seem to figure it out again. Can you give me any insight as to what I might be doing wrong?


    Thanks for any help you can give me!

  4. Thank you for the help. I will check out those tutorials.


    You stated that all the commands are applicable to the IPad version. So you are saying I can look at all the tutorials for the desktop version and do the same functions on the iPad ?


    I apologize ahead of time if I sound like I don't know what I am talking about. This is my first photo editing program, so I have a bit of a learning curve. I am happy to look at any tutorials available. I have looked at the tutorials from Affinity Photo. Let me know it there are any other good tutorials for newbies to photo editing. 


    Thanks much!!!

  5. I purchased Affinity Photo for my IPad. I take pictures of my wife's product for her website. I am trying to figure out how to remove the background to make it white. The hard part is some of my wife's products have feathers and they sometimes are not a definite edge. 


    I start out with everything on a white backdrop and I use daylight bulbs. But I still get the little gray tone sometimes.


    I see a lot of information for the computer version but can't seem to find any advice for the IPad. 


    Thanks in advance for any help!

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