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  1. The path it thinks it is saving to is the same as in the picture posted in the beginning.


    Users/AnneJacobsen/Documents/Artoteket/Billeder/Billeder af Artoteket/Dansk kunstråds arrangement/Ohne Titel.afphoto


    I have not saved the file before. It is an entirely new document I just made. This would have been the first save.

  2. I am just trying to save it to a folder in my "documents" folder. So it would be User/AnneJacobsen/Documents/New folder/


    The path it is showing in the error message used to be located there, but I have moved it since I last used Affinity Photo.

    I also remember that when I opened the app today it opened the last file I was working on, which I think was located on that path (the one that it shows in the error message). Could that be the source of the problem?


    I have tried to save it in the "documents" folder and the same message is shown.


    Thanks for your help :)

  3. Hi,


    I have run into a problem with Affinity Photo. It will not save my files.


    When I try to save a file it says:


    Failed to save document: (where the document is placed)

    Save failed because the file could not be created. Please report to Serif.

    File::OpenUnmanaged fopen E001 [errno = 2]


    I have attached a screenshot of the message.


    The thing is, the place it shows where it wants to create/save the file, is not the place I picked for it. Also, the place it reports is a folder that has been moved. But it should not matter, because this is an entirely new file and therefore there should not be a problem with a moved location, because this file has no connection yet to a specific saving spot on my mac. At least that is what I think.


    I tried to restart the application and just start entirely from scratch, but it has not worked. I also tried to not save and just export it, but that would not work either.


    Hope you can help me/fix the bug. 


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