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  1. 2 hours ago, Cyber said:

    Well, I guess I missed out on this...bummer.

    Out of curiosity, was an email sent to users regarding this promotion? I don't recall seeing anything in my email. Since I didn't have need to use AD again until today I didn't notice there was an upgrade and promotion available. Was checking the forums the only way to know about this?

    Edit: I did see an email regarding the update to Affinity Photo, including the new content, but nothing in that email mentioned AD also getting an update plus free content.

    Me too! I just saw this! Bummer. I have both products, so I missed out on both. I'm still running 1.6? Maybe a Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Some odd reprieve for those that missed the email and don't use the welcome screens? I was hard at work on existing files...

  2. Well, if you had an ebook version, I would have bought it just now. I was on Amazon--sadly only a heavy book that will cost me as much to ship to Australia as it costs.


    Btw, is this legit or is it already pirated?




    Having a legal ebook will not increase piracy. It will be pirated anyway. What it will do is give people like me a place to legally purchase the format I want.



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