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  1. has anyone an idea why the icon for healing brush disapeared after using it for 10 seconds?
  2. Thank you Kodiak for a very informative video (great image too!!)
  3. BTW, thanks Brunzenstein for your feedback, but the only workbook I saw offered is the Affinity Designer one- have you seen a Photo workbook offered anywhere?
  4. I agree totally- I have noticed over my 58 yrs on earth that 'no pain- no gain...'. But Im not looking for instant gratification- I just want an overall plan of workflow (as I mentioned at start). IOW- Looking at a raw I want to know (after developing the raw and moving to the 'photo persona'), do I work through the tabs on right - Adjustment/Layers/Effects/Styles -? Or is there a logical "flow chart" way of working, e.g: is the image too dark/light? YES- go to A- or NO- go to B . Is the color of the image biased towards green? YES- go to... etc.
  5. Hi everyone! I recently posted about my lack of knowledge concerning workflow but the kind guys who left a post there assumed that I DID have some sort of knowhow, and- the sad thing is that I (and I presume also many many others who had their socks blown off by this beautiful piece of software) have no idea whatsoever how to wade in... I have been taking photos for many years and have a big collection of raws, but up to now, have mainly limited myself to Picasa for JPEGs, and Lightzone and Adobes Lightroom for the past few months. And now- gorgeous Affinity... Where do I start? Yep- I know that there are great videos and I have gone through quite a few but they go over a specific setup, and I need even more basic than that- e.g: Do I play with white/black point before or after exposure? Why are there color controls in a b&w mix? Do I have to use all the controls? what is a live layer and do I have to use it? etc. etc. etc..... In other words- A course called "basic photo editing 101" Any ideas? Maybe there are a few videos out there for guys like me with low confidence issues? And if we're talking about videos (the guy who talks you through them is a real pro- kudos!) why arent they numbered in order of complexity?
  6. what is the logical way to start using Affinity? I realize that everyone has their own method, but surely there are things to do at the start rather than at the end of editing, e.g white balance, etc.
  7. Why is there a free trial period for the Mac version, but not for the Windows one?
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