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  1. I can't attach a file as they are too big but here is a Dropbox link


    I've done some testing with that file-
    Develop RAW file to 16bit .tif in Capture One - 137.38MB
    Save as jpg (highest quality) in PS - 18.93MB
    Save as jpg (highest quality) in AF - 28.7MB
    An increase in jpg size of 50% in AF over PS.

    Develop RAW file to 16bit .tif in Capture One - 137.38MB
    One small clone edit and resave as .tif in PS - 137.35MB
    Then save as jpg - 18.93MB

    One small clone edit and resave as .tif in AF - 160.6MB
    Then save as jpg - 28.7MB

    Here, in AF the tif increases by 15-20% but, on saving that edited tif as a jpg, the extra MBs are lost.  (But the AF jpg is still 50% larger than the PS one)




    So, is AF adding extra info to a simple tif file with no layers?  If so, can I delete it?

    With jpgs, is PS compression higher in PS than AF at 12/100%?

  2. Thanks for the welcome Chris.


    I followed the link but what if there are no layers in the .tif? As I wrote earlier, one single small clone edit of a dust spot increases file size by 20%.


    I need to read a bit more about the snapshot. I've tried deleting the snapshot prior to saving but that makes no difference.


    Actually, my primary concern is the size of the jpgs I subsequently make - they are much bigger that those that PS would generate. I read somewhere about AP jpg quality of 100 being better/bigger than PS 12. I think that is correct but cannot find the info again


    Storage is not the issue. Large jpgs (full size and best quality) increase upload times considerably for me.

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