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  1. also erstmal stehe ich hier mit Fragezeichen über dem Kopf.... ich schaue es mir aber gleich mal an, vielleicht erklärt das Video ja mehr ^^.

    Das klingt alles so kompliziert T_T Ich will einfach nur malen xD Und eventuell kleine Punktfehler wegmalen^^.

    Wenn ich in Gimp meinen Pinsel auf 1 stellte hatte ich nurnoch ein Kästchen, dieses immernoch 3 pixel malen kam nie vor :/


  2. That does cut it out :D I wanted more a option to cut the layer to a different point.

    with ctrl+x its just like copy just... that you let the rest there. I wanna remove all around it. I did now try it with the selection tool, then invert it and press del. but on a pixel layer it just slect all visible and delete it, so the stuff outside of the image is still there.



    May that help, to explain what I try to make.

  3. Hi,

    I have the problem, that my repair tool doesn't open a new source window if I select the gobal source. It only open if I switch to the clone tool.

    I had this issue only since today, not in the last days. I still use the Affinity Photo Testversion.



    Btw. " New posts within a short time frame are limited. Please wait 9 seconds before submitting. "  I just wanted to edit my Entry... Can your Boardadmins change it? That edit a post not count as new post?

  4. Hi,

    I like the clone tool, but I have there problems with the global cloning.

    If I select a other layer, using the global feature, he scale the image complete bigger as wanted.

    Here a example:



    So if I try to clone this jeans he oversize it complete:(

    It does not always happen just sometimes.

    How can I fix this ?

  5. On 13.9.2017 at 8:46 AM, Scungio said:

    F is for the Liquify Freeze Tool. If you go to the Keyboard Shortcuts and choose Liquify, then Tools from those menus and the Liquify Freeze Tool is the first one in the list. Just click on the X to remove the shortcut for that and now you can use F for your Freehand Selection Tool.

    sadly that is not all <_<

    It say "Frequenzebene" would say in English " frequency  Layer" on/off.

    it is in Photo + last option "various".

  6. 1 hour ago, Scungio said:

    I hear you about the sales, but take heart, Serif is pretty good at offering sales throughout the year. Back in June they had a 20% off sale for Photo, the Designer Workbook recently had a sale where it was 40% off. Just be sure to check here on the forums and follow them on Facebook to take advantage of the sales when they are announced.


    I found here some dealz, I did set a notification on it, maybe I will get some cheaper. maybe as Xmas deal (I don't celebrate it, but I like the deals^^).

  7. 4 hours ago, Scungio said:


    F is for the Liquify Freeze Tool. If you go to the Keyboard Shortcuts and choose Liquify, then Tools from those menus and the Liquify Freeze Tool is the first one in the list. Just click on the X to remove the shortcut for that and now you can use F for your Freehand Selection Tool.


    In terms of the Airbrush, and having a separate icon, that is just something you will have to deal with. We are all coming from other image editing software. Be it Photoshop CC, Photoshop Elements, Gimp, PaintShop Pro, Pixelmator, Acorn, Sumo Paint, etc. You could probably make a list of 20 programs. It would be impossible for Serif to make everybody happy, to make the transition from each one of those programs be seamless and pain free, it would be a fool's errand.


    The best they can do is be true to themselves and make decisions on how they want their program to be. I can't speak for you but for me that is perfectly acceptable. The responsibility is on me to learn the program, to learn how Serif approaches things and to learn new workflows. 


    Getting back to your Airbrush/Hard Brush workflow, just make a new brush category. Name it whatever you want, then add two new brushes to it and edit those two brushes. Name one Airbrush and save it with the settings you want, and name one Hard Brush and edit and save those settings. Then I would take the Brush tab and pull it out so that it is in its own window. Then as you paint you can select which brush you want Airbrush or Hard. You can even open the edit Brush window and leave it open and off to the side as you are painting and make changes to a brush while you are using it. Take advantage of modifying the interface, move panels and tabs around, find a way of working in Affinity Photo that works for you. 


    I guess I just feel like Serif and Photo should not be held hostage because they don't do things this way or that way. It is almost like most of us have been brainwashed coming from these other programs and we fight it, which is natural I suppose. 

    Thanks for the help, but some stuff I miss should really be added :) Like the improved Search and a better change of the selector.

    Maybe they could also add the option if you change a key that is already used, that you get a popup if you wanna delete the old key, so I do not have to search it.

    And My Win10 just got killed, I did now install Win7 Pro, because Win10 did crashed the OS 2x this year, and now I am rid of it. So I need to install the Affinity Trial again and yeah maybe in 1-2 Months I can buy the Software. There are no Special deals to make it cheaper? :D (I'm a boy with less money T_T).


  8. The 100% was not at 5 images, it was at 1-2 Images. With 5 Images I had a high RAM Use :)

    I did try to reproduce it to maybe film/record it but I can not cause it to stay on 90%+ it only move high but only during movement, but in my trouble moments, it did stay at 90% and higher even if I do nothing, just if I open the tool and wanted to start the transforming.


  9. Hi,

    I am a Gimp User as some know and I have here some things I miss.


    Settings - Keybinds & Search



    I have a search but the search is useless.... if I am at the keyboard shortcuts and wanna search the one tool to change, I get back to this overview. The search is complete useless. I don't need a search for this overview.


    It is so easy in Gimp, can we not get it here too? As example I like to click F for the free select. I just work always with that. But in Affinity it say:


    The key is already used for a other function, but I have no idea where that tool is, because the settings is complete overloaded, I need a list where I select the stuff, it is pretty hard to find the right thing.

    Now I can not use F for freehand.






    Where is my Airbrush?

    I only have a normal brush.



    In Gimp I have arbrush seperate to the normal brush, so I can with my shortcuts easy switch.


    I like to have my Airbrush set special, with smooth flow and my normal brush for a hard and clear painting. In Affinity I need to switch the brush layout and change it complicated.



    I changed from German to English to show you the images in English, but this dropdownmenu is still in German, just as feedback ;)



    Selection Tool


    Gimp version:




    I can make a field and then change the size at all these points, the blue ones coming out if I move my mouse to that location.

    In Affinity I can make a field and move it up/down/left/right thats all, I can not change the size, I can only change the position.





    Enough so far for the beginning.

    I am still using the Testversion (10days) but I think I will buy it in a few months (I just bought a PS4, no money :D ). So I hope you improve it in the future and I can feel more home in Affinity like I feel in Gimp.




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