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  1. Hey, me again I got just an quick idea. I am sometimes pretty unconcentrated or so deep in my work that I forget what I want to do with my image. So it would help me really if I can add some messages to the image. Like this, but with a extra menue just for the "memos". So i can hide them quick and delete them at the end easy.
  2. I will read it later... dont have the english skills right now, too braindead^^.
  3. Ah... Danke! Ich bin grade wieder am basteln und ja ich habe wieder gedreht (ich schlingel!) und da wird aus meinem 1 pixel tool ein 4 pixel tool Direkt nochmal gerastert und nun gehts Das Objekte beim Drehen unscharf werden finde ich echt doof
  4. I did try it now and yes it work... slect the area and duplicate it, but then I have to delete the old part, like I said... in Gimp sadly much faster, just make the checkbox for "only this layer" and done... No nete of duplicate or deleting old files after "cropping". Maybe... if they make Affinity Photo 2.0 will they improve some things.
  5. Its all so... complicated Sometimes I like my simple gimp^^, but just until I open the filters... thats cancer in Gimp^^. And in german its called "Zuschneiden" schneiden = cutting. Cropping = Ausschnitt (it includes the cut thing but... yeah...) thats why I said "cutting" you cut the image
  6. also erstmal stehe ich hier mit Fragezeichen über dem Kopf.... ich schaue es mir aber gleich mal an, vielleicht erklärt das Video ja mehr ^^. Das klingt alles so kompliziert T_T Ich will einfach nur malen Und eventuell kleine Punktfehler wegmalen^^. Wenn ich in Gimp meinen Pinsel auf 1 stellte hatte ich nurnoch ein Kästchen, dieses immernoch 3 pixel malen kam nie vor
  7. Danke^^, ich habe das mit den checkboxen im Magnet gemacht, bewirkt das selbe^^.
  8. äh... kannst du vielleicht ein ganz kleines Video machen, wo ich diese Optionen finde?^^ Gerne auch ohne Ton, sehen reicht ja^^. Habe mal überall rumgesucht, oben der Magnet SUPER!! Funktioniert Wann sollte ich dasn an/aus machen? Und joa,.... bleibt das nun für immer aus? Welche nachteile hat es? Alles noch Neuland wie Merkel so schön sagt^^.
  9. Uff.... that uhm... can someone explain me that in German? btw: Do you really want "Owenr"? Or is "owner" just already taken?^^
  10. Hi guys, this time I use a video and yes I speak! But... no idea why my microphone go loud and quite up and down... I recorded it with Nvidia. My problem in text: I can not delete/recolor a single pixl, not even with the pixl tool. I mean... why... I hope you can help.
  11. That does cut it out I wanted more a option to cut the layer to a different point. with ctrl+x its just like copy just... that you let the rest there. I wanna remove all around it. I did now try it with the selection tool, then invert it and press del. but on a pixel layer it just slect all visible and delete it, so the stuff outside of the image is still there. May that help, to explain what I try to make.
  12. Hi, how can I cut just the layer and not a complete image? In Gimp can I select a checkbox "just this layer", but I can not find this option in AF Photo. Can you help me guys? Greetings Dracken
  13. Hi, I have the problem, that my repair tool doesn't open a new source window if I select the gobal source. It only open if I switch to the clone tool. I had this issue only since today, not in the last days. I still use the Affinity Photo Testversion. Btw. " New posts within a short time frame are limited. Please wait 9 seconds before submitting. " I just wanted to edit my Entry... Can your Boardadmins change it? That edit a post not count as new post?
  14. I use the global layer system, so yes I clone from Layer 2 to use that texture on Layer 1.
  15. I did but it was on 100% and I could not change the scale (or in other words, nothing changed if I change that)
  16. Hi, I like the clone tool, but I have there problems with the global cloning. If I select a other layer, using the global feature, he scale the image complete bigger as wanted. Here a example: So if I try to clone this jeans he oversize it complete It does not always happen just sometimes. How can I fix this ?
  17. sadly that is not all <_< It say "Frequenzebene" would say in English " frequency Layer" on/off. it is in Photo + last option "various".
  18. Hi again, here is just another short request. Maybe its already possible with some trick? If I wanna change some things with a slider I can not use my mouse wheeel to set it up and down. I need to do it in the red area: Can you please change it, that hovering my mouse over the slider is already enough? Greetings Dracken
  19. Problem "solved" my Windows 10 update killed my system so I did install Win7 now. *GG* now is all gone, and I don't care Still no idea where it would be go in the future....
  20. https://www.mydealz.de/search?q=Affinity+Photo I found here some dealz, I did set a notification on it, maybe I will get some cheaper. maybe as Xmas deal (I don't celebrate it, but I like the deals^^).
  21. Thanks for the help, but some stuff I miss should really be added Like the improved Search and a better change of the selector. Maybe they could also add the option if you change a key that is already used, that you get a popup if you wanna delete the old key, so I do not have to search it. And My Win10 just got killed, I did now install Win7 Pro, because Win10 did crashed the OS 2x this year, and now I am rid of it. So I need to install the Affinity Trial again and yeah maybe in 1-2 Months I can buy the Software. There are no Special deals to make it cheaper? (I'm a boy with less
  22. I did just after reading And yes I dont need a Mask, but... that is not the way I want, i need with your way other steps. I want it like in Gimp that I can simply use the already excisting field to change the size. Not some other ways.
  23. I use V normaly on a lot other stuff, but I dont want a mask to change the selection tool.
  24. The 100% was not at 5 images, it was at 1-2 Images. With 5 Images I had a high RAM Use I did try to reproduce it to maybe film/record it but I can not cause it to stay on 90%+ it only move high but only during movement, but in my trouble moments, it did stay at 90% and higher even if I do nothing, just if I open the tool and wanted to start the transforming.
  25. Hi, I am a Gimp User as some know and I have here some things I miss. Settings - Keybinds & Search _____________ I have a search but the search is useless.... if I am at the keyboard shortcuts and wanna search the one tool to change, I get back to this overview. The search is complete useless. I don't need a search for this overview. It is so easy in Gimp, can we not get it here too? As example I like to click F for the free select. I just work always with that. But in Affinity it say: The key is already used for a other function, but I h
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