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  1. Am trying the AP trial right now.  Know little about this technology but have been shooting for many years and know what a great file looks like.  For me to stick with AP, it must be able to process RAWs and do a fine job of it.  My feelings are a mirror of Voxen's above.

    Please focus on this Affinity.


    And thanks

  2. Hi


    Robert King here




    Thanks for this software!!!  And keep improving it!  I know little about this stuff but I need it and so far…I am impressed.


    Question:  How can I convert my files to RAW and JPEG as I save them?  i read something about this…something about Personna.  I do not even know what that is.  I looked in the upper left corner and I do see preferences but I do not see how to make a setting to save my files as RAWS and JPEGS.


    Just trying out the trial for now.  Started last night.  Happy to be here and spreading the word!!


    Cherio Old Boys !    :D

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