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  1. I have created a book comprising two chapters. When I try to quit the program after working on the book, Publisher will not quit. I keep get a message asking me to save the book, no matter whether I click Yes or No, the program stays open. I have to Force Quit Publisher. Book and constituent files attached. Eating Well for Menopause.afbook EWFM Front.afpub EWFM Core Final Draft Ver 4..afpub
  2. I'm having the same problem with the Athelas font. I'm also on Ventura 13.01 and Affinity 2. The font is definitely not variable. Looks like it's a Mac issue. The same font is available on Pages but not Word.
  3. If I have done any editing on my document at all, as soon as I try to create a table Publisher crashes. When I reopen the document I can create the table as long as it's the first thing I do. I have attached a crash report Affinity Publisher crash report 261021.docx
  4. I'm also having the same problem, it's extremely frustrating. Anyone found a workaround?
  5. I typeset books for a living and really need this functionality. My master pages need to have text frames with the ability to justify them vertically as this speeds up my workflow considerably. I'm excited for the potential of Publisher, the speed alone is impressive. Keep up the good work.
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