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  1. John Z and RC-R, thank you very much. Are there any User Guides, Aff Photo for Dummies, etc. for new users available? I don't think a workbook would be that helpful, plus it's $50 for each persona.
  2. Perfect answer. And I see where you can add a column if you want a toolbar with many many tools. Another question: How do I remove a tool icon from the toolbar if it's one I rarely use?
  3. I'm a new user, I just purchased Publisher, Photo, and Designer. I've looked through many tutorials, asked the web, and still can't find an answer to my problem. Where is my text tool? I think it's supposed to be at the bottom of my Toolbar (vertical bar on far left). But it (they, both text took and artistic text tool) aren't there. I'm in Photo. O, for a manual.
  4. I see. Thank you. So...can I undo what I've done, or just delete and start over?
  5. Yes, I wanted to insert a text box inside the rectangle. (I wanted to write text in the rectangle). I thought that was how it was supposed to be done. Oh, for a manual. Can it be undone, and what is the correct way to type text onto an object? Or do I have to delete the whole thing and start over? Thanks!
  6. Oh, OK. How did I convert it, and how do I un-convert it? Thanks!
  7. I am using Publisher 1.9. I put a rectangle in an image and then drew a text box inside it and added some text. Now I want to separate the text from the rectangle in order to do some spacing of the text within the text frame, but I don't know how to do that. It seems like the text box with text and the object are now grouped. How do I ungroup them? Also, the object (rectangle) has 2 little triangles one on the left and one on the right side. What the heck are they? Looks like little handcuffs when I click on them.
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