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  1. Thank you very much for that info. So do you know a workaround so I can see and past glyphs per font?
  2. How to see the characters full map on Designer on iPad?
  3. Hey there, I'm very new to Affinity so I'm having a bit of hard time. One thing I couldn't figure out is how to export specific slice, and more than that, how to export it to a different scale? I mean, I can export slices throw Export persona (btw I still not understand why are those personas and what are they good for) but I can't choose to export it to larger scale than it is, and the standard export option allowing me only export the whole file or a whole artboard. Bottom line, I need a way to export specific slice in an artboard to 1300px instead the 200px than it is right now, via PNG. How can I do that without creating another artboard?
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