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  1. RE: Previews & thumbnails for DAMs

    Sorry to dig up this old conversation but I would be very interested to find out if anything has subsequently changed about this policy.

    I work on one of the UKs premier DAMs and we have had requests to support your files. Not for reading and writing but for thumbnails & previews. We are able to do this for Adobe files and more recently we added Sketch files.

    I do think it would be in your interest to help us pull thumbs and previews out of your files as it would aid the spread and adoption of your software. Even if all you gave us was a command-line tool for Linux that spat out a PNG or JPEG and kept your commercial secrets secret it would of real benefit to companies like ours.

    I myself am trying to move away from Adobe Apps to Sketch & Affinity. But without a preview to look at when organising my files I am unlikely yo ever use your software anywhere other than for home projects.

    Thanks for your time

    Sam Phillips
    Head of Design 

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