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  1. Hi @carl123, Thanks for your work, it works but it need some tweaking as the final size needs to have a width of 1000px. If you could explain the steps used in this action as even in the edit macro it isn't possible to see the exact values used in equations. Thanks a lot, Abdulla Yusuf
  2. Here is an example showing the before and after including a photo that shows what the selection outline does. Photo by Dave Goudreau on Unsplash
  3. OK John, Thanks for helping out. In vertical photos suppose(2600px x 3900px) that is not a fixed size and changes from one photo to another. My workflow is as follows: -Open the image file(Layer 0) -Resize the width of Layer 0 to 1000px keeping the aspect ratio -Duplicate the layer to(Layer 1) -Resize the canvas width 2500px without affecting the height -Resize Layer 0 width to 2500px keeping its aspect ratio -Apply Gaussian blur to Layer 0 -Select Layer 1 -Select the outline of Layer 1 (30px / Center / Circular) -Apply Gaussian blur
  4. Thanks a lot for the help guys. This is OK in case I wanted to only apply some macros and resize only. But in my case I need to use macros and resize between the macros and later on resize again. I want to know if there is any hope of getting this feature alongside the open and save and close functions using macros in the near future?
  5. Hi, I'm new to affinity and been using Adobe for years. I want to record a macro that allows me to resize the size of a photo to 1000px and adjusting the height accordingly by keeping the same ratio. In photoshop it was straight forward, but I'm kind of stuck right now and my work requires me to do this resize fast.
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