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  1. Thank you very much for the explanation! It will help alot in the future!
  2. It's exact it. Sorry, but I made a long course about the tools, interface, etc of Affinity Design! But sometimes I feel like I have lack of workflows to do things like that. For example, to do this design I made: A circle, then use pen to draw the central curved lines, then use pen to draw over a 1/4 circle. I select 3 curves and select geometry merge curves (because I try with join/add and do not work). If I try to gress what is wrong with this merge, I cannot. I suppose you create it with another workflow and it's exact what I want!
  3. Dummy Question here. I create this series of shapes with pen tool and some circles as guides. I would like to fill these 'kind of perspective shapes' with 3 colors. But why it fill like that? Thank you
  4. Appears to be same process of rhino. Export from autocad or bricscad each layer as pdf. BuT usually cad as a lot of layer, hatches, etc. It Is painful! Plus, the workflows of CAD sometimes demands some changes... I saw a video where the instructor copy (Ctrl c) all the geometries From autocad model space and paste into illustrator area!
  5. Greetings I came from Autocad technical draws and think may be useful to find tools like straight line, arc and other basic geometrical forms. I know you can do straight line with pen tools, but arcs from two points, from three points, switching from start, center, end or center, start, end can be easily made. Other nice feature can be import dxf it dwg technical draws. Thank you
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