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    Wlin reacted to Daniel Gibert in [Fixed] Intersect selection also selects locked objets   
    Since 1.8 dragging the select tool to do an intersect selection also selects objects locked in the layer panel. The locked object are not selectable on click, so it seems to affect only to drag selection.
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    Wlin reacted to kimtorch in Scripting   
    Are there any plans to add scripting support?
    I notice there is no Applescript library at all but am interested to know if there are plans to add Applescript or perhaps Javascript support. Virtually everything we do as far as creating PDFs, packaging, placing images and text, formatting, proofing, sending pages to print etc is done via script.
    Tagged text goes hand-in-hand with scripting so I think this needs to also be supported.
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    Wlin reacted to CusumanoCasper in Data merge   
    I use the data merge tool daily to create QR-codes in a batch or load data into a pdf. I think this is not present in the beta build?
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