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  1. On 1/4/2020 at 2:29 PM, walt.farrell said:

    If you're comparing Photo to Designer, are you perhaps seeing a difference between raster brushes (Photo) and vector brushes (Designer)?

    Have you tried with the Pixel Persona in Designer to see how that compares?



    11 hours ago, Paul Mudditt said:

    I agree with Walt, the most obvious difference between Designer and Photo is vector painting is default for Designer and pixel painting is default for Photo.

    Thanks for reply. No, I know the difference between vector and rastr. Also I’v got the idea of switching between personas. I’m an advanced user))

    The bug is in affinity photo, and no such bug in affinity designer (as much as I know). But I like to use affinity photo as there are deformation tools, warp tools and liquify which are working funny but I actually like it)

  2. Greetings I’m a fresh user)

    I’m coming from photoshop and I found all the necessary tools I need For drawing in affinity photo.

    The only problem I found so far that is bugging me is that when I draw a something, as long as my stroke goes the image turnes slightly blurry. 
    I used the affinity designer for a while and dint engage this problem there. Maybe the file size was smaller. However I like affinity photo more as it has more tools I like to use.
    I’m using iPad Pro 12.9 256mb (if I’m right it is 4gb ram).

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