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  1. Thanks a lot Willma....I have already come into a youtube tutorial and there besides teaching how to create them in PS (I already knew how to do it and had done some of myself) it teqched to how to turn them into a abr file...jst send them to the desktop. And..there you have ready to import into APH. As I cannot do it in APH, and that why I was asking for help, now whenever I will wish to import one I will do it in PS and. then turn it into a abr. file. and that''s all. What is good about your information is the idea of opening. a new brush category and placing there all the brushes that have come from PS..or whatever cqtegory I may invent.

    thank you so. I am afraid that though I am tidy about my files and all...you are m uch better in this. good to leqr from you!!!!


    mmmmmsamples.....may be I wished to say something like...."specimen"..he, he....or an "item" that would show how things are done.....

    By the way...I am one of Ronnie's fans, I have seen all of his tutos and he is really a kind and clever man.

  2. Have you tried in rasterizing the text? This is what I usually do in Ps. Then you can see thqt the word is perfectly selectable as shaape that has been separated from any background, This is an idea that I have got...nothing less...but it may work. otherways...you may be cheated by your own interpretation of what a black color is really.

    to see in reality if the black color your are seeing is a pure black or is having a shade of another color in it.

    Anyway....making the text to be perfectly separated from any background, or block of color...would be the wisest I beleive.


  3. It is really alive and intense. Besides, it has a graphic quality. I would not mind it in black&white as it is. It would loose personality in full color. Love the sort of gradient done with splashing brushes.....it completes and gives a great movemenet and personality to the foxy,

    Has it been done with pixel brushes..in AD or in APH?

    Greetings from Bilbao,Spain.


  4. Really interesting this site!

    Are these importable into AF? (I guess so.....but)


    Can you give me a clue about how an abr.brush file is really?. Are the ones you can load down into your Mac in that format or should I click them in some way in roder to turn them into abr, files? I am not very clever about all these brushes turmoil....have to learn a lot.

    Thanks for your sharing. It is really valuable.


  5. Thank you so much, Jim for your detqiled. and long explanation, In fact, it may work as a full tutorial. Now the thing is simply to go beyond the mentql understanding and start to use it when necessary. I have done some trials and really it has given me much deeper understanding about how vectors are working.


    Greetings from Bilbao, Spain.


  6. Thank you willma. I know how to import them, as soon as I have the right file in the desktop. Yes. The idea of doing it with the Photoshop Brushes is great. But..can you tell me how to do it with a sample?

    I will check the tutorial gain and of course Ronnie´s  oc course. Is he a member and...does he has tutoos in line here?

    Thanks a lot again.

    You are the best.


  7. Thank you much. O have seen your sample. It is interesting but quite laborious.

    I am doing something easier.

    Firstly I select the shape, clicking on the layer thumbnail and pushing the command key at the same time.

    Once selected I shrink it some pixels...in my case eight is ok. Then I invert the selection and take the blurring brush tool.

    With the hardness to cero and may be the opacity to 70.(this is after one´s taste) Y simply brush the outline tha has been left following the shrinking of the selection. So once you take the selection off, you see how nicely has been softened with the blurring.


    For the present, I am going to follow this method, though I have to revise MEB´s postings so I may have left something out. unnoticed or simpy overviewed.

    I appreciate really much your help.

    It is good to feel how your mind has worked in order to help us both!!


  8. Where should I post it?

    Can I do it in  a private linking?

    The composition is quite heavy...does it matter?

    Beside that when I do apply the Diffusse Glow Filter...another line appears as if by magic on the face´s browhead. A sort of horizontal line.

    mmmmm..my composition has 183MB. Could I resize it? What would be the ideal size for uploading it?

    I have copied it and resized again. With lower resolution. Now it has 60MB. Is that fitting?


  9. Hi friends,

    I have to report a really impossible and fastidious bug that I have detected in my APH app.

    Each time that I am applying a Live Gaussian Blur Filter to an image ( in this case it is a selected one  in its own layer) there appears and does increase in visibility, a sort of big gridding lines that are not of course tolerable for my purpose. These lines are of a purple colour and not specially discret.


    As the launching has been very recently I guess that this problem will be solved out very soon. Meanwhile, at least today, I cannot use this filter.


    I thank you for your splendid help that you are always offering and hope that you will find the solution for this problem.


    Greetings from Bilbao, Spain.


  10. Hi friends,

    I have been looking for an answer to my question in the thread of brushes questions but I think none of them are meetings my needs,

    I think that what I need is firstly to be sure that there is that possibility and then after to exactly know the procedings, I do not want toget fixed in how is it done with Ps or Procreate or any other. It is much more important to know this in Affinity from scratch.


    And so.....what are the methods for creating customized or ouw own brushes either in vector paths or in pixel painting brushes? For sure....admitting the difference between. both kind of brushes.


    I may be even more interested in the pixel brushes,

    Let's say, to have brushes with geometricao shapes, or flowers, animals, textures and so on. Anything.


    I thank you in advance for your kindi interest. You are a really great team and a great memberhood.


  11. Thank you all of you three.

    The first method really meets the necessity of not having so many layers in a conposition, when they are not necessary at all. Sometimes you just have to make three copies or at least two with different effects or blendingd or so. W

    hynshould I keep them all?

    Bur the second method is, at least for me , very interesting. On the one hand it eill increase the number of layers, The original ones plus the merged one. But it may happen that one could export the merged layer for another ocassion.for being used in another conposition, and that is a noveltyl I will follow your advices and try them all, firstly, just to see if I have got it. I am used to working in ipad apps where you cannot work with all the layers you want, At least in the painting ones, The vectorial apps like Idraw and so are more free in using as much layers as you will need, As I find very interesting for me to work with the biggest sizes they can allow, I am used to merge down many of them, beginning with Procreate that is so far in my opinion, the best one, You must mostly all the time with two or three layers and keep on merging them down, So....that was my question and I feel that It have been wonderfully answered.

    thank you so much,

    Greetings from Bilbao, Spain.


  12. The jpeg looks great. Wilma. Why are you sorry for not having able to post is as another format?mI guess you could always have been able to change he size of the document as well as the resolution, Always done in a copy of the original one. And I guess that it would be the same for us to see it not so big I use to love great sizes...but the compos end up in huge in Mbs.

    And feel a bit ackward in posting my works, for I you do not know how the bevaviour of each of the members is going to be.

    that is why the helping staff say to the other members that if they post anything into the thread and not feeling secure about that, they can loaded in another link where they will be seen privately and deleted afterwards.


    Love your spheres qnd I wonder if they have bee done with the spherizing filters. The first one, and then copied the others and placed in such a wonderful perspective sizing. Anyway will be interesting to see how you have managed todo them!!! remember....may be putting the original file down in size...and keeping it in the dashboard..will be fine.


    Love the result.


  13. I did not know this web, really. Never looked for them.

    I have tried to open this file in my Ipad, My dropbox won't let me see it. Now I have a question. What kind of file is this? Is it the same that is left on the dashboard once you have kept and closed the document? The one you may open again to keep on working on it?..as a psd for example or a svg?


    I was asked to post one by MEB and really....I posted a eps, which, was not fit for the purpose of being the layers at work at all.


    I will take a view of it, once I will be on my mac dropbox.


  14. Thank you so.

    Sometimes I wonder why things become like "invisible" for me. Obviously this is the right way and it has always been there in front of my nose!!! I guess you have shown two different eays of doing it, is that?...one more thing. This is not reversible...is that so? Once they have merged and I have exited the app. if I open the compositon, they will turned into a unique one.


    Do not worry to answer. I will try it and see it it by my own, I know you are really usy with so many people questions.

    Thank you so much.


  15. Thank you so.

    Sometimes I wonder why things become like "invisible" for me. Obviously this is the right way and it has always been there in front of my nose!!! I guess you have shown two different eays of doing it, is that?...one more thing. This is not reversible...is that so? Once they have merged and I have exited the app. if I open the compositon, they will turned into a unique one.


    Do not worry to answer. I will try it and see it i by my own, I know you are really usy with so many people questions.

    Thank you so much.


  16. Hi friends,

    I have not found a way to merge some layers down as when you have copied some images, and so on and you do not want to have to many, repeated and wish to make it just one. This will make the work less heavy and simplify the flow work panorama. I can do it in all the apps I have used, even in my ipad.

    It may be that there is a way that I not know. And of course, a different way, I have purchased APh bcause somehow it is different from Ps but i I cannot say that after so many years I am not satisfied with the way Ps does work, So....I simply wish to know the APH ways,

    thanks as always...

    Greetings from Bilbao, Spain


  17. Did you have the same problems when using the betas? I can keep my compositions as jpegs really pretty well....and open them with affinity and keep on working. It is really odd....As for the speed....well..I have the same question. Did,nt you notice before when using the betas thas it was not working as your own needs required? I cannot see Affinity is responsible for that, really. Anyway, if there a bug isb, I am sure that they will frantically work for solving it out, for it is their own commercial goals and their commercial prestige that they are dealing with,

    May be you need a bit of patience and find your pace in working with the tool. I am sure you will be doing fine,


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