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  1. Thank you so much for this so well redacted  pdf  .Useful at ay time. I have already discharged and place it in my AD file!!

    I am not a beginner but many times I have found that some of the specific things in the programm are forgotten..and then must look for the help tool in the bar. I am much of working and learning long the way and get bored with reading or looking for details, but love the tutorials and have learnt a lot with them. I am missing here the viweing and graphic look of them but understand that this is not a tutorial but a helpful information about "what is going on here". I can see that some of the people in the thread has really got into it and has intersting thing to say about some procedurals. I have had not time to get it into it so much, but I will use it as I have tyold before at any time and get really well informed about my problems. From now on I will keep on visiting this topic and see ho it is going.

    Thanks a lot for your generosity.


  2. Merci beacouop...ça est ce que je avais eu de connaître tout le temps. Mais je ne pouvais pas d´encontre les exactes tools on me. Je suis dácord avec vous. Est le mellieur manier de fairt a a détourage. Je le ai utilisé dans Photoshop avec success pendant plesieurs annés. A gorgeous tutorial!!! thanks a lot. Rosa


    It is really the best way for me. Hope this will help many as It has helped me. Je espere que cet  tutorial aiderá plesieurs personnes comme moi que ne pouvais pas recontre le exact mannier de le faire.

    Thanks a lot!!!!!


  3. Thank you so much for your wonderful styles. Love the organic ones so much. I have some difficulty. I cannot load the styles into affinity. The are not recognized as loadable when I click on them and do the loading. Then I saw that it seemed that photoshop could do the loading once I cliked on "open"...but once I got into photoshop It said that the file was not recognized by Photoshop, even it was clickable. How can I get the zip style files into AD ir AF.?

    Thank you.


  4. Thank you so much, Chris. They are just wonderful. I have downloaded the ad document and have not any problem in testing the colour ones and even just put some of them into my app. But I do not know how do it with the metallic ones. And they are gorgeous.!!! It would be great if you could make us have a affinity designer document, that we can open freely in the app and then, just import the styles into our computer. Cannot manage to open the zips. No problem with the atmosphere style at all. They are so luminous and magical!



  5. Hi friends,

    I think that there had been some tutorial about springs creation tutorial. I cannot find it right now, and so I would like you to invite you post something about the issue or if not  to tell me what link is that where I can find it. I know I can do it with illustrator but that is not the thing. I would love to leaeern to do it, (the basis of it) via  Affinity Designer.

    Thanks a lot for your valuable help.


  6. Have you applied the noise filter on the black layer?....if so....you have to go to levels and try to play with the slides that go from black to white in it and then choose the result you would love more. You may use this layer to place it on top of the background one, where you need the snow to appear, and then use the screen blending mode, This will take away all the black from the layer and leave just white little dots. If it is still not much intense , then you go to contrast and increse the effect. It it s quite likely to creating an starry sky, If you then, place a mask on it, you can manage the different intensity on thflqkes and the amount of it, just erasing with a black soft brush the ones that you do not want to apper.

    Well...may be some one here will have a more interesting view of it....hope this may help. you a bit.


  7. Sorry..it seems that I have made the comment on the wrong entry,

    I was referring in it, to your other tul torial with a fantastic work about a primordial image of a fqce.

    Nevertheless....I thank you for your introducing the Astropad possibilites. I did not know that it worked with a

    ffinity too. I was going to purchase it, but then I invested on Affinity, The idea was to use my I pad as a tablet, because I find that drawing and painting in my I pad is simply great. But then...oh.....I think I am waiting for the Ipadpro release this Autum...so they say....lets hope it is really not a go ssip but a truth,

    Thanks a lot.


  8. Simply fantastic.....your imaginating using the app. i s simply amazing. Do you work on the basis of trial and error, or experimcing over your main idea or image creation?

    Would love to have a tutorial in real time, and being able to appreciate all ththings that are coming along t he creation of your final painting. There is much to learn there?

    Thanks for sharing.


  9. It is an excellent result. you have got, mmurray....I love it. And even having some blending problems!!!!

    I find the the tips you have got are utomost interesting, I am mostly painting with Procreate tools in. my Ipad, with a fantastic blnding brushes you can use, but I am thrillled to follow these tips and see what happens.

    Paolo....how is exactly working the Average blending mode? I am curioius.

    Thanks to all.


  10. Hi friends,

    Can anyone tell if is there a reason why exporting a jpg image created with AP, should lower the resolution almost to a third of the original resolution I had worked with it in AP. ? I mean like a 25 Mgb to 15 Mgb. Odd.....


    Not my wish anyway, I simply wished it to put on my name as. usual and I do it in Photoshop. (simply a routine). I really needed to kower down a bit that image for in some art sites they do let you post inages with more than an amount of pixles. This....happened just accidentaly.


    I wonder...mostly when I do a composite I use 300 pixels of resolution....or it seems to appear that one by defect, Do not know. Then I try to lower down, Have not done any teating with AP images . Will see if something more would happen then, like changing te size when you change the reso lution rate.


    Thanks a lot.


  11. wow!!! if you have felt inspired by jack's tutorial, you have done a really personal and magnificent work. The space atmosphere is perfect, emotional and spectacular, but the idea of the "watchman" has moved me even more. Infind itnis highly symbolic and Infind it is expressing, somehow our abilities for verbal thinking and how,mas human talking brains we try to connect and even "control" by means of the language using the world around us, which sometimes itnis turning us into outcasts of this so compelling and nutritional womb that seems to be the whole visible and invisible space around us. Instead of "being" That..we are watchers. Really beatiful.

    What is the real size of the image?.....Not the one posted here.mbut the real one.


  12. Really interesting subject. Up till now I have managed to to this conversion by myself, following my instinct and the usual tools of Photoshop. Would be nice to have a tutorial in AD, with the simples way of doing it, Infind those linked methds quite laborious,though, and it would be nice not just to see how the result of each of then is by comparing the pictures, but also explaining to the not experimented users, how these steps are working into the changing of the former color picture.

    Thanks a lot for the sharing,


  13. Thanks a lot Jack. Never done this way. I am going to try it on. As I use to composite my works along the way....I never know what is the next element I would have to use. I work a kind of intuitively, so I use to "place" the elements or photos one by one, and may be adding a new pixel layer whee I put the imported one. Many thanks for the effort of writting the English subtitles..it helps...so much!!!!!

    Kind regards fron Bilbao, Spain.


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