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  1. If there's no uninstaller can someone at Serif please just at least give us a list of everything we need to remove? I don't want to screw things up with the Affinity v2 installation
  2. Yeah, I'm making this a new post because searching through the manymany threads that already exist on it has been a huge waste of time. Problem: Text frames in Affinity Designer inexplicably have a white background. No matter what the fill color or outline color of the text is, pasting, pasting without formatting, retyping text doesn't help. Every new text frame ALWAYS has a white background. There's no way to change it in the character studio and Designer doesn't have a text frame studio Solution: open a new blank document, go back to the original, delete all of your text layers, copy the remaining layers and art boards, go to the new document. paste them into the new document. Re-create all of your text boxes. Why it happens: for me it was an issue caused by opening a template my printer needs me to use. Apparently the document was setup to have white backgrounds in text boxes and since Designer shows the background frame color but has no way to get rid of it, all of my text boxes had white backgrounds. Other solution if you only have a couple text boxes: Create a new shape layer, set the background to transparent, convert it to a text frame then paste the text repeat for every single text box I've found thread after thread about this issue here, on Reddit and elsewhere going back to 2019. Hey, Serif. It's been 3 years! just quit showing text frame background color at all if you aren't going to give us any option to control it.
  3. Is there a way to remap colors like the recolor artwork feature in illustrator screenshots attached? I have tons of shapes, some with a gradient stroke, some with a gradient fill. I'd like to be able to remap the gradient colors such that I can select an entire column and push all the colors a bit warmer, select the next column and make them even warmer and so on, creating a cool to warm shift with all the individual shapes. I just couldn't seem to find a way to remap color in Affinity designer. I thought I might go by row, and just change the colors manually for each set of shapes then duplicate transform them to create the columns but time wouldn't allow for that. I went ahead and did it in Illustrator but in the future It would be good to know if it's possible to do the same in Affinity.
  4. I can’t seem to use designer any more. All of a sudden the lines just continuously break when drawing with the pencil tool. It will draw a bit, break, start a new line, draw a bit, break and just keep doing that no matter how hard I press. I’ve tried setting touch to gesture only and turning off double tap.
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