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    rbrx got a reaction from R28 in pocket version for iPhone   
    R28, I think you are simply right, an iPad takes nearly the same space as a laptop, if we want to speak about portability, than we should consider smartphones.
    I've got AP and AD on my macbook pro 13" but my work stops every time I don't have it with me. I just made one starting with Vectornator on my iPhone and finishing with AD on my mac, but why should I use two different softwares that are not compatible with the risk to waste a lot of time?
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    rbrx reacted to Mariaxx in Affinity Designer iPad for iPhone (split)   
    Is the iPad version also works on the iPhone?
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    rbrx reacted to R28 in Affinity Designer iPad for iPhone (split)   
    Hi! Does it make sense to wait for the light version for the iPhone in the near future?
    I really miss the pocket vector editor for accurate sketches ... with symmetry and sticking on the grid
    Or can you recommend an application from another manufacturer? 
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    rbrx reacted to R28 in pocket version for iPhone   
    Yes, but for me there are no advantages, it does not fit into my pocket and on the move I will not quickly work with such a thing ... 
    And if I'm sitting, then there is a laptop  or a desktop computer. 

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