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  1. I understand, and what you say makes sense actually. Fully agree now, but I would actually give the end user that option. Photoshop allows a selection of various gradient styles which could very well cover all needs, but affinity seems to have put it all into one tool, and doesn't intuitively differentiate or guide different gradient styles, maybe that could be implemented. Even Clip Studio Paint allows for selection of different gradient styles / presets. Just a suggestion.
  2. Hi there. Your question has helped, I went to choose black as second nodes colour instead of leaving it gray, and then set transparency to 0% and result was what I expected. Thanks! But all said and done, that still doesn't seem logical to me, because if I set opacity to 0%, and there is no middle node for gray colour, then the black should just fade to 0% transparency...anyway, thanks for your help, at least the workaround is super simple and doesn't require much. Cheers
  3. Hi there, When I use the Linear gradient tool to create a new layer, choosing the first point colour as full opacity , black. The second point I set to 0% opacity. Logically speaking, this should result in a visual of dense black pixels, gradually 'fading' to transparent, but with Affinity Photo, it introduces gray pixels in the middle of gradient. This doesn't make any sense to me, and coming from Photoshop where this worked properly, I find it a bizarre way that its been implemented in AP. Am I doing something wrong? Please help. Thanks
  4. Dear Serif. I purchased A Photo last night and was really put off by what I believe to be sub-par selection tools. I tried trimming an image with the polygonal selection tool, but the results are very rough and ugly, even with anti aliasing ticked. I will post images soon. Are you aware of this? Will it be fixed soon. It's not acceptable and actually not ready for commercial use in my opinion.
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