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  1. Note: this issue can sometimes arise (I've seen it in a range of different software) when saving to a folder that is synced to an online storage service (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc) or synced to a NAS drive (network attached storage) or automated backup service.


    If you are saving to a synced folder, try saving to a non-synced folder and later copying the saved file to the synced folder using the system file browser.

    Thanks for the reply...I think my problem might be using an external drive while building my design. I need to save it to my hard drive then transfer, this is Inconvenient but safer it would appear... Thanks

  2. Rontiller,


    I would recommend sending the file to the Affinity support team and maybe they can look at it and offer you some suggestions. I don't think I've ever had a problem with a corrupt file and I've been using Affinity Designer and Photo since they were released. It might help to mention what program you are using seeing how Affinity is not a product, Designer and Photo are the product names ;) . I'm guessing that you are referring to Designer because you also mentioned Freehand and Illustrator but it would be better to be certain. As well, you might also mention your set up (Mac or Windows) and which  OS you are using (and which version of the app you are using too). Giving more information would be helpful in determining what is causing your problems. I hope that someone can help you solve what is causing you problems. I would be more inclined to think it is something particular in your case (something to do with your set up, or how you are using the app, or something like that) rather than something that is affecting everyone, but who knows? 


    Best of luck,



    PS. as a side note, I think your title should be "Way too often". 

    Good catch on the "too" thanks for that. It is designer. I think my problem might be using an external drive while building my design. I need to save it to my hard drive then transfer. Inconvenient but safer... Thanks

  3. I have had this program (Affinity Designer) since it's inception. I have consistent, almost daily issues with files getting corrupted for who knows what reason. Affinity... You have to fix this issue. I spent 20 hours working and saving as I went. Then for some unknown reason I get a message when I go to save saying file has to close. This happens quite often. Sadly. Then usually I can reopen the file and I get the message saying open recovery file, I do and lose a few minutes worth of work. Now I lost 20 hours because it says the file is now CORRUPT! Anybody else experiencing this issue? i never had this problem with freehand, or illustrator. If I'm doing something wrong can someone please tell me what? Some suggest it is the fact that I have an external drive connected that I save to... Uncertain why that would affect my files, but I'm open to explanation.

  4. Hi Rontiller,

    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

    We are aware of some crash issues with the 1.5 release. First thing, please check that you have the later 1.5.1 release build.


    If you do, can you please download the latest Beta 1.5.2 Beta 1 from here and check if it still crashes on export?

    Just remember to keep the Mac App Store version installed to be able to validate/run the Beta.

    Worked!  Thanks so much

  5. Hi


    After updating to 1.5 I noticed the program randomly crashing irregularly, but for some reason now I can't export anything without an instantaneous crash. This renders my work useless. I need to export in order to sell my products. Help? I attached the error I receive but it is quite long so i sent the upper portion.  I need this to function asap can I reinstall the older version somehow? It is affecting my business. Export in Affinity Photo still functions correctly



  6. I have created about a hundred images that all have outlines strokes yet when I print they do not print as they are seen on the page. The strokes print much thinner.  I am not certain why this happens. If I expand the stroke it will print correctly but this would mean my reworking all 100 pieces of clipart. This would take a terrible amount of time.  Is there a way to get the stroke to print as it is seen on the page?

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