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'Pin' studio doesn't reflect all current settings

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In the German Affinity Publisher (Windows), the Pin studio does not correctly show each object's status for Manuelle Position schützen (I don't know how this might be called in English). See attached video:

  1. At 0:00, the selected frame shows crosses at its surrounding rectangle, but Manuelle Position schützen shows it is deactivated (which is wrong).
  2. Going through all other pinned objects (0:05-0:17) shows them with adjustable circles at their surrounding rectangles, and Manuelle Position schützen still shows they're deactivated (which is correct here).
  3. Clicking again on the first frame still shows Manuelle Position schützen as deactivated (which is wrong).
  4. Now deactivating Manuelle Position schützen manually (0:20-0:25) doesn't change anything for the frame, but at least now the state of the Pin studio is correct.
  5. Now clicking on all other pinned objects, the Pin studio shows Manuelle Position schützen as activated (which is right).

It seems that the Pin studio doesn't correctly reflect the status of the selected object's Manuelle Position schützen, but just shows the state when the check box was last changed.

Ideally, the check box state should be properly updated with each selection.

Andreas Weidner

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I believe that check box alters the way you position the pin and object. It's not a  property of the object

Living the Dream since 1964 - about 25 years left

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Aha. Then I don't understand that button at all:

  1. This button seems to be the only possibility to make the 8 circle handles around an object (meaning adjustable) to change into crosses (meaning non-adjustable).
  2. This is not a global setting, but one that is defined for each pinned object, because an object that I define as adustable stays adjustable (circled), and a non-adjustable one also stays that way (crossed). The only way I can understand this is that it is an object property.
  3. The eight handles around an object always appear to correctly reflect the current status of this object's adjustability, independent of the state of the checkbox.
  4. It's just that the state of the checkbox does not reflect any selected object, which sometimes makes it necessary to change the checkbox twice in order to change the object's state.
  5. But anyway: This property is definitely not saved on disk, because after saving and loading, everything is adjustable again.

This is all excruciatingly complicated and illogical for me. I suggest the following:

  1. If the adjustability should be a property (I would like that, as it can prevent accidental moving), please make the checkbox correctly reflect the selection, and save and load the property to file.
  2. If the adjustability should not be a property, please don't make objects keep their adjustability independent of the current state of the checkbox.

Andreas Weidner

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