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iPad Version of Affinity Designer

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The release of Designer for iPad could be the moment designers finally meet the post-PC era. There is an awkward situation for designers. If you want to do serious work you have to use a Mac, and if you need to use your hand to produce graphics then you grab an iPad and suffer from a lightweight version of a popular design app. Graphic tablets of Wacom was always far from being perfect to remedy the situation. I think Adobe is confused, they have a lot of apps, unnecessarily too many apps. Otherwise if you consider the A10 chip inside iPhone 7, it is desktop processing power enough to handle a full featured vector design software. The problem with Adobe apart from the strategical confusion, they never really optimised their software adequately, they are still slow and bulky, not really efficient in terms of both UI and backend code.


I am looking forward to the day Affinity Designer released for iPad. That is going to be an awesome day.

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Hi Khechog,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

There will be an Affinity Designer app for iPad/iPad Pro. It's currently under development but it may still take a little until it's ready.

Yes, it's the full version, not a simplified one.

FANTASTIC NEWS! Yes, I'm shouting on purpose. This is exciting and will be the reason an iPad Pro is in my future. Thank you.
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I just got the iPad Pro and I have started looking for some app to create the Design of my websites, I love design on Affinity Designer and the first think come to my mind is get a Affinity Designer for iPad but no lucky.


Any date for Beta of Affinity Designer on iPad?


I have found another app for iPad called ProtoSketch, anyone here have try that?

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Also looking forward for Affinity Designer on iPad Pro.


I have found another app for iPad called ProtoSketch, anyone here have try that?



While waiting for AD, I've been using Autodesk SketchBook for sketching and Graphic for vector drawing. It's not as good as Affinity, but it makes for a decent workflow.

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