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I would like to suggest a change to the way tables work in APub. As it is now I can set an exact value for the width of a column, but when I enlarge the table by dragging the handle on the right, all column widths are changed evenly. However I would want for the widths of the columns to be retained, especially when I set an exact value. In my opinion there needs to be the option at least to resize responsibly (as is the case now) or not. I am used to the way Indesign handles it, and it is just much more precise and easy to use. 

The same problem also occurs when I want to add a column in the middle of an existing table: instead of the columns to the right of the inserted column moving to the right, all columns are resized. This is just very annoying and I want an option to fix the width of a column, at the least when I have set exact values for the width.

I am all for new solutions, but the solution for tables just does not make much sense to me most of the time.

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+1 on this. I'm just working on my first few tables in Affinity Publisher (after roughly 15 years of tables with InDesign), and I basically end up setting all the column widths by hand again and again. Sometimes, InDesign gets weird in that respect too, but there I can just run an AppleScript to set my column widths the way I want them to be.

Exactly as you said in your previous post, when I paste into a table from Excel, there's a bug where an extra column gets tacked on. That also happens when copying and pasting from another text frame in Affinity Publisher. When I remove that column, all the other column widths change. At least when I resize the text frame that contains the table, all the column widths go back to where they were before inserting the text into the table.

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On 10/11/2019 at 3:13 PM, Joachim_L said:

100% ACK! Please change the current behaviour.

EDIT: Just to add, please make a function Convert Text To Table.


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