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What I Wish To Do: 

  • Export only desired artboards in my document as one single pdf.
  • Each artboard to have its own page in that PDF.


I know there have been a few similar topics to this but they differ slightly from what I am trying to achieve.

This feature is available in Illustrator CC by doing the following:

  • File > "save as copy"
  • Choosing to save as pdf
  •  Then specifying the range of Artboards to be included in the one PDF. (As separate pages of course).


I wish to avoid deleting unwanted artboards everytime I wish to export a PDF with only certain artboards included. 

Otherwise doing File>Export>PDF>"Whole Document" would work, but it's not ideal.


Any chance there's now a setting in Export persona that can manage this?  Thank you for any input on this.


Other Similar Topics I've Seen So Far:


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Did some more Digging and believe I found the Answer in the topic below.

  1. In the Designer Persona, Select all your desired personas. 
  2. File>Export 
  3. Choose PDF and set the Area to "selection with background"
  4. Click Export.

You'll get one PDF with artboards on different pages. :)


Unless mistaken, I believe the order of them is still dependent on the order of the artboards in the layer panel. (Lowest will be First)

I hope this helps someone too. Credit goes to Luis Sopelana for figuring this out and posting about it.


On 5/30/2019 at 3:17 PM, Luis Sopelana said:

Hi, everyone. I stumbled upon this thread to find out the same thing, and after doing a bit of trial and error also found that you can select only as many artboards as you need and Designer will export only those pages as a multi page PDF, by selecting those and changing the Area settings to "Selection with background" ("Selection without background" will yield a single page PDF with the selected pages laid out as they are on your workspace.)



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