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I'm moving from Illustrator and trying to figure out how to display the center of my object (circle or rectangle mostly).

Is there a way to do that in affinity designer?

I can see that I can easily position an individual circle right on top of two perpendicular guides. But when I select multiple circles I cannot position them all 100% correct at the same time.

I'm designing a survey form and my 'circles' are question 'bubbles'.

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1 hour ago, Lagarto said:

True, it is missing from all objects even if there is a center/middle selection (key) point and it can be snapped to. If is not showing even in node editing mode or in outline mode. Perhaps there is a setting or switch?

perhaps this setting?



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18 minutes ago, GarryP said:

You might just need to use the alignment tools but it’s difficult to know without knowing exactly what you’re trying to achieve.

True, you typically would not miss center points for usual alignment tasks but might need them in some unique scenarios:


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12 minutes ago, GarryP said:

I have a feeling that they just want to get stuff nicely aligned across the object centres but it all depends on the specifics.

Probably so. But a good post, anyway. Had not noticed that they are missing (but I have just begun to use Designer). But there are probably good reasons why the selection box midpoint show in apps like Illustrator and CorelDRAW.

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Thank you for the feedback. Here is a screenshot from one of my projects. I design surveys and deal with groups of response bubbles that I need to place so that the center of each bubble is exactly on top of the intersect of the guides. This is a screenshot from Illustrator. 


And here is a screenshot from Designer. I can position an individual bubble perfectly over the guides. Designer shows me a red and green line when I have centered my object, which is exactly what I want to do. But when it comes to positioning a group of response bubbles I have to eyeball the positioning of my group of response bubbles and then adjust the position of each individual bubble to get it perfect.

BTW, I also noticed that when I open the PDF I created in Illustrator, a filled circle with outline becomes a white (filled) circle without outline and a blank circle with outline. Different issue, just felt a need to voice it so I can now move on with my (design) life. :)


In any case, from the responses I gather there is no way for me to perfectly align my group of response bubbles. Thank you again for your replies.

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JoergWe, I suggest that you use the alignment tools to organize and distribute the groups.  Also, if you have snapping on and set with Snap to object bounding boxes and/or Snap to shape key points selected you should have aids in the alignment.  This should work for individual bubbles and groups of bubbles.

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I agree that even if there is probably a way to have those circles aligned with a grid, or using aids like aligning to neighboring object nodes and key points, etc., a visual center of the object bounding box can be very useful. Creating a document grid is not a big task but I think it is just fine to do many things with visual aids, even if a bit inaccurately.

I wonder why the center point has been dropped? Even page layout apps have one. 

Microsoft Office graphics do not have, and in some ways the Affinity controls for creating basic shapes appear to have common source. Surely not !!!???

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1 hour ago, JoergWe said:

In any case, from the responses I gather there is no way for me to perfectly align my group of response bubbles. Thank you again for your replies.

Not at all. Simple as pie. Set up your grid, w. snap to grid enabled. Draw a circle of desired size. Press "command" (Mac, don't know PC) and drag to next desired gird intersection. Press "command J," "Duplicate, and repeat the circle as needed. 

If you then don't like the horizontal spread, move one end circle, and use the "distribute, horizontal spacing" widget. This will yield an equal spacing between al the circles.

If I might suggest, stop thinking in AI, and start thinking in AD. Different methods for the same results.

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How about something like what I’ve used in my attached file?
Each answer - number in text frame and circle - is in a group.
Each answer group is aligned to the grid and if you need a new answer just duplicate the group and change the number.
Each line of answer groups is in another group so you can easily move/copy them around together.
This way you don’t have to mess around moving the circles about, just copy the group and change the text.
Obviously you can change where the number and circle come within the group to suit your needs. (Note that the text frame uses an offset-from-right indent to keep the text nicely positioned.)
You can also put a line of them in your Assets and just drag a new line out when you need them.



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